'How To Get Rangoli?': Google Pay Gets People Busy Collecting Diwali Stamps

New Delhi, Pawas Kumar | Updated : 26 October 2019, 01:44 PM
Google Pay is offering Rs 251 for collecting all five stamps
Google Pay is offering Rs 251 for collecting all five stamps (Photo Credit : Twitter )

Rangoli, diya, lantern, jhumka or flowers are words you are sure to hear at any Indian home during the festive season. However, this Diwali , these words have taken a whole new meaning for some people. These people are busy searching for rangoli, diya, lantern, jhumka and flower but for not Diwali decoration. They are actually trying to collect the Diwali stamps on Google Pay to earn themselves some money and gifts.

In the latest attempt to capture the market during the festive season, Google Pay is offering cash for Diwali stamps. People can collect these stamps using the digital wallet platform and exchange them for cash or prizes on Google Pay.

Google Pay is offering Rs 251 for collecting all five stamps - diya, jhumka, flower, rangoli and lantern. You can get the stamps by scanning festive items or by transferring money more than Rs 35. You can also get new stamps by gifting some of your stamps to your friends.

The prospect of getting the money as well as the adventure of collecting different stamps has hooked many. However, it is proving to be harder than expected. People are complaining about the not finding some of the stamps.

Most people are complaining that Rangoli and Flower stamps are very hard to get. So much so, that "flower" and "rangoli" began trending on social media.

This writer has also been using Google Pay app and trying to collect the stamps. While I managed to grab hold a Flower, Rangoli stamp has still eluded me. I have also checked with friends and none of them reported to have found a Rangoli stamp - just like these people. 

The Google Pay offer is valid till 31 October.

First Published: Saturday, October 26, 2019 12:47 PM

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