Google patents fragrance emission device

London, ANI | Updated : 16 February 2015, 02:01 PM

Google has received a new patent recently for a device that’ll not only ward off body odour but also warn you that friends are nearby in case of those bad-smelling situations.

This “fragrance emission device” includes several sensors that can detect the physical activity of the user and also gives access to Social media accounts through “a wireless or wired communication network,” the Daily Express reported.

The wearable, which fits under your clothes and uses its range of sensors to keep tabs on user’s odour levels, releases fragrances to keep you smelling fresh when needed as it is able to regulate just how much spray is needed to cover the B.O.

The patent described that embodiments may include the ability to connect to a network (e.g., satellite, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.) to track locations of the user’s contacts via social networking sites or other location tracking services.

It added that in some cases, the device may learn that some of the user’s social contacts (i.e., persons previously known to the user) are in the same area as the user and therefore may possibly meet the user within the area or on a similar route that the user is likely to take.

It further noted that to avoid subjecting the social contacts to the odor, the device may include a route suggesting portion that can notify the user that his contacts are in the area.

The patent added that the route suggesting portion, which may additionally provide an alternate route for the user to take to increase the chances of avoiding an unpleasant odorous meeting with his social contacts, may employ searching technology such as Google Maps.RTM. or Google Earth.RTM. to supply the alternate route. 

First Published: Monday, February 16, 2015 01:44 PM
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