Google to fly 84-feet 'plane-like' wind turbine

Washington, ANI | Updated : 18 March 2015, 08:44 PM

Google has planned to fly an 84-foot 'plane-like' wind turbine next month, a report said.

According to Google X head Astro Teller, the turbine that are more like "planes," would fly next month and rise to 450 meters in the air after being released, the Verge reported.

At that altitude, the plane starts flying in large circles in the sky, which turns the plane's propellers. The drag turns each of the eight propellers into individual turbines which deliver 600 kilowatts back down to Earth.

Teller said that they "failed to fail," as none of the turbines crashed even once when they were tested at Pigeon Point in Pescadero, California, one of the windiest places in North America.

Google had been working on wind turbines for quite some time, thanks to its recent acquisition of energy company Makani Power. The firm has flown 28-feet-long turbines till now.

Google is planning to fly an 84-feet turbine next month, Teller said, which means that it might be equipped with additional propellers.

First Published: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 08:42 PM

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