Google turns auto complete into a game

Washington, ANI | Updated : 16 March 2015, 01:04 PM

American conglomerate Google has started a new gaming website which provides the first half of a search query, and we have to fill in the rest. The goal is to guess as many of the most popular queries as you can.

According to San Francisco-based, those accessing the web site start by picking one of the four categories: Culture, People, Names, and Questions and simply guess how Google would auto-complete a search phrase in a given category.

Any answers in the Top 10 auto-complete results get you points. Everything else earns you a strike. Three strike, and the game is over.

The answers are pulled from Google's auto-complete using the Google API.

The engine isn't very good at combining similar results. You also have to be absolutely specific in your answers - if you say "plane" and the answer was "airplane", that's a strike.

There is no built-in multiplayer option on this site.

First Published: Monday, March 16, 2015 01:02 PM
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