High cost of litigation a challenge before judiciary: Tewari

Chandigarh, PTI | Updated : 24 October 2013, 04:47 PM

High cost of litigation is not only keeping away poor from getting justice but even making it unfordable for upper middle class, Union minister Manish Tewari said, advocating that the justice delivery system in the country be made more affordable.

"We are in a very strange conundrum whereby the cost of litigation in this country has become increasingly high and it is not only excluding the poor or the disempowered or the marginalised, it is excluding very large swathes of upper middle class or the salaried people," Manish Tewari said.

"I often joke to myself that the salary I draw as a minister, God forbid that if I have to go to court or something, I may not be able to afford (referring to his senior lawyer friend Anmol Rattan Sidhu who was present) Sidhu's daily fees," he said.

Pointing that the high cost of litigation is a "great challenge" before the judiciary system, he said, "If a person who feels that he is aggrieved and believes he has a chance to have his day in court does not decide to exercise that option merely because he is not able to afford it, I think that is an extremely sad day not only for democracy, but also for legal the profession collectively."

He said that legal professionals, especially the younger entrants, need to apply themselves to the question as to how they could facilitate the access to justice.

"And I am talking not only in terms of backlogs in courts, which is an issue and has been dwelled upon by distinguished legal minds. But more importantly, the question of how somebody who is disempowered, who is marginalised, who is poor can access justice system, is something which I believe requires the concerted attention of younger generation of lawyers of our country," he added.

First Published: Thursday, October 24, 2013 04:46 PM
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