Delhi Death Mystery: 11 hanging bodies, 11 burning questions

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 02 July 2018, 09:00 AM
Delhi Death Mystery: 11 hanging bodies, 11 burning questions
Delhi Death Mystery: 11 hanging bodies, 11 burning questions

Eleven members of a family were found dead under mysterious circumstances inside their home in Delhi’s Burari on Sunday. While 10 of the members were found hanging from an iron grill of a ceiling, an elderly woman was lying dead in a room.

Delhi Police is not being able to understand whether it was a case of suicide or a planned murder. The sensational case has become the bone in the throat of Delhi police.

Below are the 11 questions that need to be answered to solve the case.

1. Who killed the elderly lady and why? She was the only one who was not hanging and was found lying in a room.

2. The main door of the house was open. Who opened it?

3. Nothing was stolen from the house. Then did someone close to the family killed the elderly lady?

4. And if the other ten people committed suicide then what were the reason.

5. No Suicide note was recovered from the home.

6. The condition of their home was pointing out that the family was very spiritual.

7. If some outsider came into the house, why the dog didn’t bark? The dog was tied to grill on the roof where they were hanging.

8. There was enough cash in the house, still, no one stolen that.

9. Why were the faces covered and hands tied of all the bodies hanging?

10. Feet of few of them were touching the ground. Did someone killed them and hanged to make the incident look like a suicide?

11. Everybody was hanging right next to each other. Did they commit suicide watching each other? If yes, why?

First Published: Sunday, July 01, 2018 03:55 PM
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