Mumbai based indie band Colaba Point out with new album

New Delhi, PTI | Updated : 16 March 2015, 02:27 PM

Mumbai based indie band Colaba Point has released their latest album titled ‘Future Flashbacks’. The album produced by the band itself features 10 tracks with their hit single ‘Himalayan Sky’.

Three years into making, ‘Future Flashback’ defines Colaba Point’s progression in indie music as compared to their last releases, this time ambient guitars, live percussions and synths have been extensively used in making the records.

The album that took two years in making reflects the band’s musical amidst that time, says Rohan Kadam, guitarist of the band.

“Making this album took a lot longer than ‘Mildly Idyllic’ since we did a lot of things like live drums, percussions and midi programming for the first time, the instrumentation is more elaborate and layered, with a good mix of live and sequenced instruments,” says Kadam.

The music composition in the album mirrors the casual and informal theme of Colaba Point, yet it manages to keep the melody alive, giving the songs a mystical edge.

“With this album we’ve tried to retain the vibe of our earlier music while aiming for a more evolved aesthetic.” Kadam added.

Started off in early 2011, the band members define Colaba Point as bunch of people who got together sporadically to create music.

The band members- Rohan Kadam, Abhishek Denzil along with Ankur Chugh and Rukmini Roy sit for hours during their jam sessions and a compilation of these jams is recorded and turned into a full length album.

‘Future Flashback’ is their fourth and latest album, Spring time blacks (2013), ‘Mildly Idyllic (2012) and Colaba point (2011) being their earlier released albums in the past.

First Published: Monday, March 16, 2015 01:44 PM
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