THIS rule will help you to crack competitive exams, know secret here

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Tips to crack exams
Tips to crack exams

Did you know that according to Pareto Principle (Also known as 80/20 rule) only 20% efforts made results in 80% output? If you are a student preparing for competitive exams, follow this rule to crack any exam.

It’s time to switch from hard work to smart work. Imagine, if your 20% effort starts giving 80% results. Wouldn’t that be great? From now onwards, you don’t need to waste too much time on studying. However, the million dollar question that arises is how you can manage all your work by putting just 20% of the total effort?

How to Crack Competitive Exams by putting 20% effort?

Here are the following tips that can not only help you to manage all your work but also allow you to prepare every topic for competitive exam by just putting 20% effort:

  • Create a balance between school timetable and home study schedule
  • Don’t get too social
  • List down your priorities and focus on the most important topic at first  
  • Refrain studying at odd times or too light at night
  • Make it a habit to read and write
  • Take study breaks on regular basis

Start following the aforementioned tips to crack competitive exams and you will notice that are ending up putting just 20% efforts to complete all your tasks successfully.

Study Plan for Competitive Exams

Now that you have understood how to use the 80/20 rule to crack any competitive exam, let’s see the study plan that you must follow to prepare for competitive exams:

  • First of all, create a study timetable
  • List down all the topics and mark the level of importance for each one of them
  • Study the respective topic only at the dedicated time slot
  • Highlight the important points while studying
  • Leave some time for revision

If you start following this simple yet effective study plan, you are bound to good results in the upcoming exams.

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