Lok Sabha Polls LIVE | Mamata has forgotten that chowkidar is alert: PM Modi

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 24 April 2019, 05:09 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address rallies in Jharkhand and West Bengal. Congress president Rahul Gandhi will address three rallies in Uttar Pradesh. Amit Shah will address rallies in Bihar. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will hold a roadshow in Uttar Pradesh. Stay tuned for all the election updates here.

Here are the LIVE updates:

  Apr 24, 2019  21:59 (IST)
  Apr 24, 2019  20:06 (IST)
  Apr 24, 2019  19:09 (IST)

Priyanka Gandhi attacks Narendra Modi, says we don't want a PM who chit-chats with actors. 

  Apr 24, 2019  19:04 (IST)

Total poll percentage recorded in Kerala is 77.68%. Kannur constituency recorded the highest polling percentage of 83.05%.

  Apr 24, 2019  17:50 (IST)

Returning Officer accepts BJP candidate Gautam Gambhir's nomination for the East Delhi parliamentary constituency. AAP and Congress had raised objections over his nomination affidavit.

  Apr 24, 2019  17:16 (IST)

Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan ensures pension for the 40 crore labours working in the unorganized sector. After 60 years of age, the worker will be entitled to Rs 3,000 pension per month: PM Modi in Ranaghat

  Apr 24, 2019  17:06 (IST)

One who cried in the parliament for removing the infiltrators in 2005 from Bengal, is now shielding them. She has forgotten that the Chowkidar is alert and won't let her succeed in her motives: PM Modi in Ranaghat

  Apr 24, 2019  17:01 (IST)

Didi wanted to escape investigation in the Chit Fund scam and therefore, she is supporting a coalition that's weak: PM Modi 

  Apr 24, 2019  17:00 (IST)

Violence and suppression can't scare the karyakartas of BJP. If we were scared, a party of two elected representative wouldn't have formed the govt in the centre: PM Modi in Ranaghat

  Apr 24, 2019  16:58 (IST)

Affection (Mamata) for goons and brutality (Nirmamata) for the people. This is the situation in West Bengal: PM Modi in Ranaghat

  Apr 24, 2019  16:54 (IST)

In 2009, Didi demanded President's rule and wanted the elections to take place under the supervision of the forces. People trusted her and voted for her. But she betrayed the people of Bengal: PM Modi in Ranaghat

  Apr 24, 2019  15:36 (IST)

It seems everyone wants to be PM, any party fighting from 20 or 25 seats wants to claim PM's post: Modi.

  Apr 24, 2019  15:32 (IST)

After three phases of elections, it is clear from reports that Didi's Sun is about to set in West Bengal: PM Modi

  Apr 24, 2019  15:32 (IST)

If Didi has the power of goondas then we have strength of
Democracy: PM Modi in West Bengal.

  Apr 24, 2019  15:24 (IST)

We had alliance with Congress, but their ego is too big: SP leader Akhilesh Yadav in Kanpur.

  Apr 24, 2019  14:27 (IST)
  Apr 24, 2019  13:52 (IST)

Congress didn't do anything during its tenure, says Mayawati.

  Apr 24, 2019  13:51 (IST)

Backward classes not gettinmg benefited by reservation, says Mayawati.

  Apr 24, 2019  13:50 (IST)

BJP government has benifited the rich, says Mayawati.

  Apr 24, 2019  13:49 (IST)

The poor are still being exploited, says Mayawati in Akbarpur.

  Apr 24, 2019  12:32 (IST)

Those who demoralised armymen saying people who cannot make ends meet join the forces should just drown: PM Modi. 

  Apr 24, 2019  12:22 (IST)

When nurses were held captive in Iraq, we did our best to get them home; Indians everywhere are my responsibility: PM Modi. 

  Apr 24, 2019  13:00 (IST)

He has done nothing for the people of the country. He has not kept his promises made by him. I went to several places in UP and got to know that he (Modi) has never been to any village in Varanasi, in Faizabad farmers are upset and said to me save us: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in Fatehpur.

  Apr 24, 2019  12:14 (IST)

We have been able to control Naxals and Maoists because you voted a strong government in Delhi. You are seeing yourself how things have changed. People in Jharkhand are now able to come out on the roads post-sundown: PM Modi

  Apr 24, 2019  12:12 (IST)

Response in first three phases of polls have left opposition parties with no option but to accept defeat: PM Modi.

  Apr 24, 2019  12:12 (IST)

Like a child who makes excuses to justify underperformance in exams, Opposition is blaming EVMs for their poor show: PM Modi in Jharkhand.

  Apr 24, 2019  12:09 (IST)

If people are aware, nation will be stronger: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

  Apr 24, 2019  12:08 (IST)

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra addresses rally in Uttar Pradesh's Fatehpur.

  Apr 24, 2019  12:07 (IST)

This is not 'Lehar', this is 'Lalkar' of 'Phir ek Baar Modi Sarkaar': PM Modi.

  Apr 24, 2019  12:06 (IST)

PM Modi is addressing a public meeting in Lohardaga, Jharkhand.

  Apr 24, 2019  12:05 (IST)

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to be present at PM Narendra Modi's road show and nomination filing on Friday.

  Apr 24, 2019  11:46 (IST)

Congress Candidate from Mumbai North Urmila Matondkar meets locals during campaign in Dahisar area.

  Apr 24, 2019  11:46 (IST)

Karnataka: High Court grants conditional bail to Congress MLA JN Ganesh from Kampli. He was arrested for attacking another Congress MLA Anand Singh at a resort in Karnataka in January.

  Apr 24, 2019  11:45 (IST)

Delhi: Rouse Avenue Court put stays on non-bailable warrants (NBW) issued against Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia & Yogendra Yadav in a defamation case filed by a lawyer Surender Sharma. Next date of hearing is on April 29.

  Apr 24, 2019  11:43 (IST)

Former Delhi BJP MP Udit raj joins Congress. He is being welcomed by Rahul Gandhi. 

  Apr 24, 2019  09:31 (IST)

It may affect me during polls but I can admit that Mamata Banerjee still gifts me kurtas. When Mamata Banerjee found out that Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gifted me Bengali sweets, she also started to send me those sweets: PM Modi

  Apr 24, 2019  09:21 (IST)

I had stopped living with my family a long time ago, now this is my life...my own mother keeps asking me what can we talk about, it has also become difficult for me to find time for my family. This image that has been created of me being excessively strict is wrong: PM Modi

  Apr 24, 2019  09:15 (IST)

AK: Do you get angry?
PM Modi: I never get angry -- a fact that surprises many. I have been the CM for so many years and PM for so long, but never got angry. I am strict, disciplined, but don't believe in humilating others.

  Apr 24, 2019  09:11 (IST)

“I never thought I would become the PM...I guess it is the same for many...maybe for people with a certain background and dream of such things. During the 1962 war I used to see soldiers board the train at Mehsana (Gujarat) station and I was inspired by them and their sacrifices,” says PM Modi.

  Apr 24, 2019  09:10 (IST)

PM Modi to AK: Never. I never thought that I would become a prime minister one day. 

AK to PM Modi: Have you ever thought of becoming a prime minister? 

PM Modi to AK: Yes, I do eat mangoes. I used to eat alot but now I have to thing twice before eating. 

AK to PM Modi: Do you eat Mangoes? 

  Apr 24, 2019  09:07 (IST)

Watch | Akshay Kumar in a freewheeling chat with PM Narendra Modi.

  Apr 24, 2019  09:02 (IST)

Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati will hold a rally in Kanpur, while Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav will be in UP's Hardoi.

  Apr 24, 2019  07:39 (IST)

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will hold a roadshow in Uttar Pradesh.

  Apr 24, 2019  07:39 (IST)

Amit Shah will address rallies in Bihar.

  Apr 24, 2019  07:39 (IST)

Congress president Rahul Gandhi will address three rallies in Uttar Pradesh. 

  Apr 24, 2019  07:39 (IST)

Thousands of people, including BJP workers, stood beside both sides of the road in the 2.5 km stretch from the Birsa Munda Airport to Birsa Chowk in Ranchi on Wednesday. Women, children and elderly people cheered Modi and showered petals as the prime minister stood in an open vehicle and waved at them. 

  Apr 24, 2019  07:38 (IST)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address rallies in Jharkhand and West Bengal.

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