'Jo bhrashta, usse Modi se kasht,' says PM in Haryana’s Kurukshetra

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 12 February 2019, 04:44 PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that his government will speed up the campaign to rid the country of the corrupt, claiming that only such people had a problem with him while the honest trusted the 'chowkidar'. PM Modi sought people's support in the campaign while addressing a gathering at the "Swachh Shakti 2019", an event to recognise the leadership role played by rural women in the Swachh Bharat Mission towards achieving a clean and open defecation free country by October 2 this year.

"In 2014, you gave your votes for an honest and transparent government. Middlemen and those who snatched the rights of the poor have been thrown out of all the systems," he said. "Every honest person in the country trusts this 'chowkidar' (watchman) but those who are corrupt, have a problem with PM Modi," he said.

PM Modi said some people in Haryana are worried over the ongoing investigations by probe agencies against them. "Even in Haryana, you are witnessing how some people are worried because of probe by investigating agencies," he said without naming anyone.

There are investigations against former Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Congress president Rahul Gandhi's brother-in-law Robert Vadra for alleged irregularities in land deals in the state. The Prime Minister also mocked the opposition's proposed grand alliance as "maha-milawat", saying all the faces in this are indulging in threatening and abusing Modi.

"All the faces of this 'maha-milawat' are indulging in competition of threatening and abusing investigating agencies, court and Modi," he said. "But you rest assured, this 'chowkidar' will neither be threatened or browbeaten with their threats and abuses, will neither stop nor bow down. Our 'safai' campaign to rid this country of the corrupt and the dirt is going to be further accelerated. For this campaign, your blessings should continue," he said.

PM Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stones for six development projects, including the National Cancer Institute, Jhajjar and Shri Krishna Ayush University, Kurukshetra in Haryana Tuesday. The 'Swachh Shakti 2019' event partaken by Modi was attended by woman sarpanchs and women associated with the 'Swachhta' campaign from across the country. 



Here are the highlights from the PM Modi's address in Kurukshetra:    

  Feb 12, 2019  14:45 (IST)

Only corrupt people are worried lot right now. These faces of ‘mahamilwat’ are competing with each other to threaten the courts and probe agencies, says PM Modi.

  Feb 12, 2019  14:40 (IST)

Earlier, our daughters were forced to abandon their studies because there were no toilets in their schools. The pain of crores of sisters had huge impact on me. I vowed to help sisters and daughters of our country and work for their dignity, says PM Modi.

  Feb 12, 2019  14:31 (IST)

In Kurukshetra, PM Modi salutes ‘naari shakti,’ says our daughters are strengthening ‘New India’

  Feb 12, 2019  14:26 (IST)

Under PM Housing Scheme, we are prioritising that the houses are registered under women’s name only, says PM Modi. 

  Feb 12, 2019  14:24 (IST)

Beti bachao, beti padhao improved the sex ratio. Ujjwala Yojana gave ours sisters freedom from smoke-filled kitchens, says PM Modi  

  Feb 12, 2019  14:23 (IST)

It’s my govt that introduced capital punishment for rapists, says PM Modi

  Feb 12, 2019  14:17 (IST)

There is a place in Europe where a lot of tourists visit since the front walls of the houses that are painted beautifully. Maybe, one day there will be a village in Hindustan where toilets and paintings on it will be so good that tourists will come to see it, says PM Modi.


  Feb 12, 2019  14:16 (IST)

Be it ‘one rank, one pension’, ‘beti bachao, beti padhao’ or ‘Ayushman Bharat’ scheme, all projects have deep connection with the land of Haryana.

  Feb 12, 2019  14:13 (IST)

I welcome our guests from Nigeria. I am told that you are here on a study tour since the past week to learn how Swachh Bharat mission had such dramatic success so quickly and how it can be replicated in Nigeria. I wish you all success, says PM Modi.

  Feb 12, 2019  14:12 (IST)

All promises, projects launched from Haryana have been fulfilled, says PM Modi 

First Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2019 02:06 PM
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