PM Modi Interview: 'Demonetisation criticised by those who have lost something'

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 15 April 2019, 11:52 PM
PM Modi Interview LIVE: 'Criticism is good, but only baseless charges levelled against me'
PM Modi Interview LIVE: 'Criticism is good, but only baseless charges levelled against me'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an interview to Doordarshan, said that criticism is good in democracy but there are only baseless allegations that have been levelled against him by the opposition. 

  Apr 15, 2019  21:55 (IST)

Demonetisation is being criticised by those who have lost something, who couldn't keep their black money, says PM Modi. 

  Apr 15, 2019  21:53 (IST)
  Apr 15, 2019  21:52 (IST)

17 crore people have benefitted from Muda Yojana, says PM Modi.

  Apr 15, 2019  21:50 (IST)

Gujarat will make BJP win on all 26 seats in Gujarat this time, says PM Modi. 

  Apr 15, 2019  21:49 (IST)

Congress’ guidance philosopher (Sam Pitroda) said middle class is selfish. This means they are officially saying they will break the bone of middle class. My opinion is that middle class should be respected, it should be given opportunity. We exempted the income up to 5 lakh from tax, reduced home loans, formulated RERA law, says PM Modi. 

  Apr 15, 2019  21:46 (IST)
  Apr 15, 2019  21:46 (IST)

I have been abused for the last 18-19 years. Many dirty words were said against me but I did not lose my balance. I am working for the nation with complete dedication. Opposition is not ready to accept the love people are giving me, says PM Modi.

  Apr 15, 2019  21:42 (IST)

In Kashmir, PDP and National Conference are outdated parties. They boycotted the local elections still 70 per cent voting was done there, says PM Modi.

  Apr 15, 2019  21:40 (IST)

BJP will perform better than what it did in 2014, says PM Modi

  Apr 15, 2019  21:37 (IST)
  Apr 15, 2019  21:36 (IST)

Do you think questioning security forces’ action is dangerous? Opposition should remember that opposing and criticising Modi should not turn into opposing the nation, says PM Modi. 

  Apr 15, 2019  21:34 (IST)

India has been problems from across the border ever after Independence. There are elections, that doesn’t mean that I will not focus on nation’s security. I visited Seoul, Mission Shakti was carried out, this is my duty, says PM Modi. 

  Apr 15, 2019  21:27 (IST)

Congress raised Rafale issue to cover up 'father's sins', says PM Modi.

  Apr 15, 2019  21:23 (IST)

We implemented MSP which was pending since 2007. UPA government was sitting on the scheme, we decided to give farmers 1.5 times value for their produce, says PM Modi.

  Apr 15, 2019  21:21 (IST)
  Apr 15, 2019  21:20 (IST)

I have seen unprecedented wave in my poll rallies, bigger than 2014, says PM Modi. 

  Apr 15, 2019  21:20 (IST)

LPG connections doubled in these fives years, says PM Modi. 

  Apr 15, 2019  21:19 (IST)

Why you so confident of winning the elections? On this, PM Modi says the nation is watching out the government's "speed, skill and scale".

  Apr 15, 2019  21:18 (IST)

Before out government, the price of an LED bulb was around Rs 350-400. We distributed lakhs and crores of bulbs at very low prices which cost Rs 45 to Rs 70, says PM Modi.

  Apr 15, 2019  21:13 (IST)

There are tensions between Israel and Palestine but both the nations are or friends. Our relations are good with Arab nations and Iran too, says PM Modi. 

  Apr 15, 2019  21:09 (IST)
  Apr 15, 2019  21:08 (IST)

Earlier we wer spectators, now we are players, says PM Modi on India gaining popularity on global front. 

First Published: Monday, April 15, 2019 09:04 PM
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