Bigg Boss 11, Episode 51, Day 50, Highlights: Hina Khan breaksdown again

22 November 2017, 11:44 PM
Bigg Boss 11, Episode 51, Day 50, LIVE UPDATES: Sapna Choudhary, Puneesh Sharma gets into ugly fight
Bigg Boss 11, Episode 51, Day 50, LIVE UPDATES: Sapna Choudhary, Puneesh Sharma gets into ugly fight

Bigg Boss 11 recently witnessed a quiet intriguing task where the house was turned into a courtroom. The housemates were asked to present a divorce case of Hiten Tejwani and Arshi Khan in front of judges Bandgi Kalra and Sapna Choudhary.

However, the courtroom drama turned into a battle ground with accusations being fired upon from every contestants.

And it was Sapna and Puneesh Sharma who got into an ugly fight during the task, such that the latter ended up touting the Haryanvi singer as the don of the house.

While the housemates try to intervene in the argument, it will be interesting to see where the fight will end in this entertaining episode of Bigg Boss 11 as we bring you the live updates from the house.


# Hina breaks down into tears again

# Hina is awarded the session with benefit of doubt as the case isn't proven

# Arshi Khan get into the witness box, makes some shocking revelation

# Luv defends Hina Khan

# Arshi Khan has something to say against Hina Khan

# Arshi Khan & Shilpa Shinde don't seem too impressed with Hina

# Hina becomes emotional after revealing what Arshi Khan had to say against her.

# Hina brings up something about the Zubair Khan issue

# Hina tries hard to defend her against all the allegations

# Vikas accuses Hina for not supporting Arshi during her fight with Zubair Khan

# Shilpa Shinde & Puneesh Sharma have some fun amidst the task

# Courtroom task resumes in the BB house

# Hina bursts into tears after Shilpa doesn't make her breakfast

# Hina, Sapna, Priyank once again discuss about Arshi Khan's behaviour in the house

# Housemates wake up to the tune of 'Kambakhat Ishq'

# Vikas tries to mend things with Priyank but the latter refuses

# Arshi is miffed with Hina for raising the topic of her scandal

# After Priyank, Arshi gets in to nasty argument with Hina Khan

# Arshi and Priyank's verbal spat turns ugly

# Arshi lashes out at Priyank for faking his apology

# Akash Dadlani consoles Arshi

# After argument with Priyank Sharma, Arshi bursts into tears

# Vikas asks Arshi to keep the game clean

# Hina becomes emotional amidst her row with Arshi Khan

# While Vikas Gupta defends Arshi, Hina asks him to control his friend

Arshi Khan is miffed with comments made against her

Priyank Sharma seems to be miffed with the Sabyasachi Satpathy's conversation as said by Arshi Khan

First Published: Wednesday, November 22, 2017 09:39 PM
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