Goutam Ghose explores Partition in his next film

Kolkata , PTI | Updated : 07 March 2015, 02:30 PM

Celebrated filmmaker Goutam Ghose explores Partition of Bengal as the subject of his next film.

Titled ‘Sankhochil’, the film will be Ghose’s third Indo-Bangla production after ‘Padma Nadir Majhi’ and ‘Moner Manush’, a Lalon Fakir biopic, which broke viewership records in the two countries.

About the title ‘Sankhochil’, a species of kite, Ghose explained that despite uniformity of language, food habit and culture the people are divided by a boundary.

Ghose called the Partition the “biggest blunder” in the country’s history.

He told PTI, “During my several recees to the border in the company of BSF officials and during my interaction with BSF and BGB personnel I came across umpteen tales of love, sacrifice and endurance of the common people of the two countries.”

Badal, the protagonist, being played by Prosenjit, begins his journey in this milieu.

The filmmaker recollected that when he offered the role to Prosenjit, he was so excted that he even came forward to jointly produce the film with his Bangladesh counterpart.

“Once I had seen Bumba (Prosenjit) as Lalon in Moner Manush, I knew only he could do justice to Badal’s character in Sankhachil,” he said.

Prosenjit said, “The moment I heard the script I sat cross-legged on the floor to take Badal inside me, the very posture, manners of a man living in a border village.”

“Badal has only one country, one language. I have now started living with Badal like the way I had done with Lalon when I grew hair for months,” he added.

Prosenjit said, “Let the market in Bangladesh open up more for our films. We hope to reach out to as many Bengalis as possible in the two countries and also other parts of the world. And from Bengal none but Goutam Ghosh can be the ideal ambassador.”

‘Sankhochil’ will feature two award-winning Bangladesh actresses Kushum and Anum Rahman Khan. Besides Taki and Kolkata, the film will be extensively shot in different parts of Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi producer Habibur Rahman Khan said, “This is our third film with Goutam Ghosh. And he has broken the jinx, Sankhochil can be a true document on celluloid about our common shared history and its influence on people.”

First Published: Saturday, March 07, 2015 12:48 PM
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