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Iranian Angelina Jolie ‘Lookalike’ Arrested Over ‘Blasphemous’ Social Media Posts

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 08 October 2019, 04:10 PM
Influencer Arrested Over ‘Blasphemous’ Social Media Posts
Influencer Arrested Over ‘Blasphemous’ Social Media Posts (Photo Credit : Twitter )

Iranian influencer, Sahar Tabar, who has gone under the knife for multiple of times in hopes of looking like Angelina Jolie has been arrested for her ‘blasphemous’ social media posts. The 22-year-old influencer who shook the social media world with her extensive surgeries has been arrested and accused of blasphemy, instigating violence, illegally acquiring property, insulting the country’s dress code and encouraging young people to commit corruption, as per Tasnim news.

While reasons for Tabar’s current arrest remains unclear with her Instagram account now deleted, Tabar is one of a number of Iranian Instagram influencers and fashion bloggers who have been accused of breaking the law.

Tabar’s previously admitted that said she has had some plastic surgeries, including rhinoplasty, liposuction and cosmetic procedures to give her fuller lips, her spooky looks were mostly down to make-up prosthetics and Photoshop but has no intention to look like Hollywood star Jolie,

She said, "It is Photoshop and makeup. Every time I publish a photo I make my face more fun. It is my way of self-expression, a kind of art.

"My followers know that this is not my real face.

"I had no interest at all to be like Angelina Jolie , and I did not want to look like the character from 'Corpse Bride'.

I understand that I do have some similarities with them, but I am my own muse and I did not want to look like anyone.

"That was not my aim’’ she previously said.

First Published: Monday, October 07, 2019 11:44 AM
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