Bigg Boss 10 runner-up Bani J asks 'Am I not a #ShaadiMaterial?'

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 13 November 2017, 08:15 PM
Bigg Boss 10 runner-up Bani J asks 'Am I not a #ShaadiMaterial?'
Bigg Boss 10 runner-up Bani J asks 'Am I not a #ShaadiMaterial?'

Bani J was one of the most popular contestants on the last season of Bigg Boss. Though the VJ didn't win Bigg Boss 10, she managed to create a fan following for herself with her outspoken attitude.

Bani who is known for her fitness regime keeps on posting pictures on social media. She has often received a lot of flak for her muscular physique but that didn't stop the VJ from focusing on her fitness.

The model recently posted a picture on Instagram where she wrote,'' Just because I like to build my body at the gym and be strong physically, does that make me #NotShaadiMaterial?''

The picture was enough to question the society which still stereotypes women and silence all the body shamers. Bani's message was loud and clear that just because a woman is not delicate, it doesn't mean she is not an ideal match for marriage. 

Check out some of her other pictures.

Strength • It will unify you, and isolate you. ______________________________ #ittakesallofyou,everymoleculeandatomtogetStronger #striationcitywhatup #ittakesallofthatforpeopletosteapawaybecausetheycantunderstandit #itsafunnything #butitbringsalotofperspective #andcalm #itsnotjustaboutliftingweights #itstheworkyougottadotogetthere #everydamnday #nomatterwhat #foryourself #inweaknessandinhealth #haveyourowndamnback #nxtlvl #HumanswhoLift #muscledoesnthaveaGender #lessonsfromtheIron ____________________________________________________ For anyone interested to know what my current stats are, I currently weigh 58kgs, 5ft 6 and am consuming over 2000cals a day 🤙🏼 (all the carbs) thanks for always keeping me on track @nicola_denise 💪🏼

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