India’s Sons: Documentary Inspires Men To Voice Their Side Of The Story

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 11 September 2019, 11:51 AM
India’s Sons Inspires Men To Voice Their Side Of The Story (Photo: YouTube)
India’s Sons Inspires Men To Voice Their Side Of The Story (Photo: YouTube)
    • The documentary traces journey, ordeals and escape of innocent men who were falsely accused of a rape charge in India
    • The film brings out voices that matter, facts that are shocking and tales that are moving
    • The documentary aims to bring to the fore an issue that poses a big threat to sanctity and strength of the rape laws

The other lane to Leslee Udwin’s 2015’s India’s Daughter, a documentary called India’s Sons by Deepika Bhardwaj is urging men to speak up against false accusations. Soured by patriarchy, men for the longest time have silenced their tears, blinked their tears inside for fear of what the society would think of him. To liberate men against false accusation while also inspiring to speak up against abuse, Bhardwaj’s documentary focuces on men falsely charged. 

A documentary that cautions that its purpose is not intended ‘to undermine crime against women but bring a fore of problem that’s a threat to idea of Equality, Justice and Fair Trail’ the doc features story told by men and the false rape charges held against them.

The documentary is still in production and Deepika Bhardwaj talking about its release said, "This crowdfund will help us with post-production, marketing, screenings and distribution of the film and also take it to nook and corners of the world,"


First Published: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 11:19 AM

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