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World Cup 2015 exclusive: India will bring it back, says Mohinder Amarnath

New Delhi, Pankaj Kumar Samantray | Updated : 19 March 2015, 09:24 AM

India is heading in a right way to defend its World title and MS Dhoni and his boys can do the magic which no other captain had ever done. MS Dhoni can be the third captain after Clive Llyod and Ricky Pointing to retain the World Champions tag.

We have today two legends of Indian Cricket Mohinder Amarnath and Syed Kirmani to discuss with us the progress of Indian team.

What happened to the Indian team suddenly, it was a disastrous Down Under and suddenly they are winning matches

Mohinder Amarnath -We Indian are very emotional. We always like to see Indian team doing well and winning. It’s always tough when u go and play aboard and playing against one team and one strong team altogether and in times when things are not going in your favour, you bound to struggle. I think they did play some good cricket. I think in Test series, they lost the test series. In ODI they have good days and bad days, because they were reeling on one or two main players and when they didn’t  click thing never went their way. But World cup is a different ball game all together, everyday you play against a new team. You should look at the preparation properly, I think the Indian team have got more experience of Australian conditions and better prepared of rest of the teams.

Suddenly what happened to the team, our bowlers taking wickets, batsman scoring runs in World Cup

Mohinder Amarnath -ODI cricket is a different ball game. From bowling point of view they are two new balls used and rely heavily on seamers and Indian bowlers have always performed well in ODIs in Australia. It’s not the first time they are doing it.  In batting, Dhawan for example was getting out most of the time in slip cordons but in ODIs you don’t see that. I think they played well and we should give credit to them. What you need in ODIs is a good start.

Some of the senior players are sitting outside, and do they have a chance after the World Cup?

Mohinder Amarnath -Why to talk about them when they are not in fray.

IPL is just after the World Cup and don’t you think the players will be bit tied with such busy schedule?

Mohinder Amarnath -For me IPL is a sub-standard game and I don’t know why people prefer IPL above international cricket. It’s an entrainment and as long as we take it as an entrainment its fine.

MS Dhoni has not met his daughter yet, playing for India and leading the side very well.

Mohinder Amarnath -These things are very common for international cricketer. Such things happen in past also and this is not happening for the first time in the game. We used to be away for months and months from our homes. We have certain commitment to the nation and team, so we have to sacrifice our personal lives.

Do you think after Tests MS Dhoni will retire from the ODIs post World Cup

Mohinder Amarnath-I don’t think so. It depends what he thinks. He is playing well, especially in the shorter version of the game. He has been a fantastic player and his contribution has been enormous. It all depends actually what are his plans and what’s he is thinking.

Who is the best captain for India till date?

Mohinder Amarnath-According to me the captain who can lead from the front is a great captain. If we talk about Kapil Dev, those days we were not used to play that much cricket, but he won the World Cup for India. His contributions were fantastic, he led from the front. MS Dhoni is also an example setter. We can’t compare them, they are different from each other. They both have contributed huge to the success of Indian cricket.

Do you think luck favours Dhoni more than often?

Mohinder Amarnath -I think luck factor is one percent. Luck doesn’t win you matches, it’s your own efforts. The players are clicking at right time and players make the captain.

In every match a new player is emerging for the India team in the World Cup?

Mohinder Amarnath-It should be like that, because it’s better for the team if everybody performs. It’s good if every other player perform in different matches. It will help the team in big games, which is a good sign.

Did 2015 World Cup match between India and Zimbabwe revived your memories of 1983 World Cup match?

Syed Kirmani-There is a huge difference in both the matches. We were 17 for 5 in 1983 and 2015 India were 92 for 4. There is no comparison at all.  That was a very tight match for us. I have never seen any captain or any batsman play such a devastating knock , the way Kapil Dev played. The luck was with India team in 1983 and whatever we did went in our way.  The same way, things are going with Dhoni in his entire career. Whatever he is doing is going his way, he has got a midas touch.

After Dhoni’s retirement from Tests who can replace him in the Indian team?

Syed Kirmani-There are many good wicket keepers around, including Dinesh Kartik, Shah, Parthiv Patel and many more. They need more exposure and confidence to play in alien conditions. There is a pool of wicket keepers in the country and they need to show their constancy to mark their place in the team. Dhoni is one of the best wicket keepers India have ever produced.

Do you think there should be any change in the Indian team for the knockouts?
Syed Kirmani-I don’t think there should be any change in the Indian team at all. There should be no question where I would like to play Axar Patel or Stuart Binny in place of Jadeja. Jadeja is not doing well but has more experience in Australian conditions. 

Till now who is the best batsman in World Cup?

Syed Kirmani-In my views Kumar Sangakkara, he is the highest run getter. You cannot take away the credit from him.

Do you think Ravi Shastri has waved the magic on our quicks?

Syed Kirmani-According to me this is the golden era of Indian pace bowling and they are performing very well. We need have to culture more fast bowlers who can perform better in foreign conditions.

First Published: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 05:25 PM
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