Special: It's all about organic Holi

New Delhi, Ankit Pal | Updated : 04 March 2015, 06:26 PM

Organic Holi may sounds like a brand new concept to celebrate the event, but this is a good old concept which comes with colours that are safe and doesn’t harm human body.

Historically, Holi is a festival that is meant to celebrate the arrival of spring while the colours used reflect the various shades of spring season. Call it a consequence of modern generation that artificial colours have pulled the beauty out from celebrations. It’s everyone’s duty to de-pollute the festival and make it in sync with nature.

To diminish the harsh effect, celebration with organic colours - which are mostly food grade ingredients (usually vegetable & leaf extracts) – has become a trend of the season. There are many certified brands which offer such colours to keep the celebrations in traditional way.

This is important to note that many profit making brands sell fake colours with an organic branding. To avoid such falters there look for the verified product which comes with a certified mark on the label.

One of the known companies that sells organic colours is Organica.

How costly are organic colours?

In a world where anything and everything seems diluted, pure things definitely demand their price. Same goes for organic colours. The small packet is available for Rs 100 to Rs 150 while medium size packet can cost you up to Rs 500. But spending some more pennies to keep you healthy may end up saving more money.

To reduce the cost effectiveness organic colours can be produced at home with an ease.

Easiest way to make organic colour at home:

Mixing Dry Heena with flour, both easily available in homes and general stores, in equal quantity result in a greenish powder that can be used for celebrating the festival of colour.

First Published: Wednesday, March 04, 2015 06:21 PM
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