Nitish bats for Modi as PM in 2019 elections, says no one from opposition can challenge him

01 August 2017, 12:30 PM
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar adressess first media briefing after joining hands with BJP
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar adressess first media briefing after joining hands with BJP

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday addressed his first press briefing after the recent political upheaval in the state. Nitish who recently parted ways with RJD to join hands with BJP said no one is capable of challenging MODI in 2019 elections. 

Here are the highlights:

# Hardik Patel invited me to Gujarat but they had asked me not to go there and I didn't go. I respect Lalu ji that much. But i have told them we can be an ally but not a follower.

# This alliance is only for the state of Bihar and not at the national level.

We will continue to support Gopal Krishna Gandhi for Vice Presidential election, BJP don't have problem with that.

Lalu ji was contesting Patna Univ Students' Union election, I was in engineering college, I had 450/500 votes polled for him.

# No one is capable of competing with Narendra Modi in 2019.

# I had asked to explain the corruption allegations, had they done that, situation could have been different: CM Nitish Kumar

# I kept the proposal in front of my MLAs and they all gave their nod to hold hands with BJP.

# After my resignation BJP approached us with the proposal and even PM Modi tweeted as well. 

# I before resigning told Lalu Ji and CP Joshi about the move and then went to offer my resignation to Governor.

After that RJD meeting, I for the first time realised I could not run the government anymore. My MLAs supported me.

 On July 26, the RJD had a meeting, but nothing new came out of that. So we had to take a decision.

You are being framed is a good excuse for your supporters but you need to explain to the people.

What ever the media was running for past three weeks was also putting question marks on me as well. Our party reached on conscience decision to not leave our moral principals. 

# I have an emotional attachment to politics, but the message that came from the other side was strong.

# I met with Tejashwi Yadav and asked him to explain to the public. He said you tell me what should I say, i replied have no idea about your lands and properties. You have to explain your self.

# We started getting complaints. Could not stay silent on corruption, We have a tough stance on this and that's is why the situation turned difficult.

I had always said the law should take its own course and it did. But during that time when comments even against me were made Lalu-ji never came out against them. But I ignored it. From our side no one said anything against the supreme leader of the RJD.

# RJD is responsible for alliance failure, Lalu's party went against the coalition's dharma.

# JD(U) didn’t speak anything against RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar

# When raid happened first, BJP was congratulated about new ally through tweet then explained within 40 mins, but what was its impact.

# I didn't have a choice, tolerated everything, thought this happens in the alliance. Continued to work.

# Yesterday (Sunday) I had a lot of meetings and work. And that's why I am briefing you today.

After resigning as Bihar CM I had said what I had to. After that, a new government was formed, and a trust vote was conducted.

First Published: Monday, July 31, 2017 04:08 PM
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