Robert Vadra leaves ED office after over 8 hours of grilling in money laundering case

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 07 February 2019, 09:54 PM
It was Vadra’s first appearance before any probe agency in connection with alleged criminal charges of dubious financial dealings. (Image Credit: IANS)
It was Vadra’s first appearance before any probe agency in connection with alleged criminal charges of dubious financial dealings. (Image Credit: IANS)

Robert Vadra, the brother-in-law of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, has been asked to appear again before the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Thursday. The central probe agency questioned Vadra for almost six hours in connection with a money laundering case on Wednesday. It was Vadra’s first appearance before any probe agency in connection with alleged criminal charges of dubious financial dealings. He has denied these allegations in the past and termed them a political witch hunt against him.

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  Feb 07, 2019  22:03 (IST)

Robert Vadra has been asked to appear again before the Enforcement Directorate (ED) at 11 am on Saturday. 

  Feb 07, 2019  21:36 (IST)

Robert Vadra leaves the ED office after over 6 hours of grilling in money laundering case.

  Feb 07, 2019  21:34 (IST)

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra reached the ED office where Robert Vadra is being questioned in money laundering case.

  Feb 07, 2019  19:04 (IST)

Robert Vadra's questioning continues at Enforcement Directorate office.

  Feb 07, 2019  16:25 (IST)

"The first principle of any investigation is that it's confidential. But ED here is leaking information as they know they've nothing to be investigated. They are calling people only to bring a bad name to them," KTS Tulsi outside the ED office.

  Feb 07, 2019  16:16 (IST)

Robert Vadra's lawyer KTS Tulsi has reached the Enforcement Directorate office.

  Feb 07, 2019  15:45 (IST)

News Nation has accessed another "progress update" email that, according to ED, Sanjay Bhandari's relative #SumitChadha had sent to Robert Vadra in March 2010.

  Feb 07, 2019  14:47 (IST)

Robert Vadra returns to Enforcement Directorate office after lunchbreak  

  Feb 07, 2019  13:49 (IST)

Robert Vadra to reach ED office after 3 pm for interrogation.

  Feb 07, 2019  13:47 (IST)

Three senior ED officials were present during the 2-hour-long grilling.

  Feb 07, 2019  13:36 (IST)

Robert Vadra grilled about properties in London.

  Feb 07, 2019  13:36 (IST)

Interrogation to resume after lunch.

  Feb 07, 2019  13:34 (IST)

Robert Vadra leaves Enforcement Directorate office after questioning in money laundering case.

  Feb 07, 2019  13:19 (IST)

ED claims that probe reveals that these London-based assets are part of kickbacks Vadra received in a petroleum deal. 

  Feb 07, 2019  12:43 (IST)

A team led by Joint Director and two Deputy Directors are questioning Robert Vadra, news agency ANI said.

  Feb 07, 2019  11:41 (IST)

Yesterday, Vadra had denied owning any property in the UK.

  Feb 07, 2019  11:31 (IST)
  Feb 07, 2019  11:30 (IST)

Robert Vadra at ED office

  Feb 07, 2019  11:29 (IST)

Robert Vadra reaches ED office, to be grilled again

  Feb 07, 2019  11:33 (IST)

This is the document regarding which ED will grill Vadra today: News Nationa Exclusive

This is the mail sent by Sumit Chaddha to Vadra regarding some transactions related to London property. 

  Feb 07, 2019  10:58 (IST)

No supporters present outside Vadra’s house today. 

  Feb 07, 2019  10:52 (IST)

Robert Vardra’s lawyer reached ED office.

  Feb 07, 2019  10:52 (IST)

Robert Vadra to reach the Enforcement Directorate office at 11 am. 

  Feb 07, 2019  10:07 (IST)

Vadra has also been directed by the Rajasthan High Court to appear before the ED on February 12 in connection with another money laundering case being probed by the agency.

  Feb 07, 2019  09:42 (IST)

Vadra leaves for ED office for the second round of interrogation.

  Feb 07, 2019  09:03 (IST)

Vadra had sought protection from the arrest from the court on which the court granted interim bail till February 16.

  Feb 07, 2019  08:29 (IST)

The ED had carried out raids in the case in December last year and grilled his aide Manoj Arora, an employee of a firm linked to Vadra, Skylight Hospitality LLP. 

  Feb 07, 2019  08:23 (IST)

The ED case against Vadra relates to allegations of money laundering in the purchase of a London-based property located at 12, Bryanston Square worth 1.9 million GBP (British pounds), which is allegedly owned by him.

  Feb 07, 2019  08:23 (IST)

Vadra has been grilled about his links with absconding and controversial defence dealer Sanjay Bhandari and Bhandari's relative Sumit Chhadha. 

  Feb 07, 2019  08:21 (IST)

Vadra has alleged he was being "hounded and harassed" to subserve political ends.

  Feb 07, 2019  08:19 (IST)

Vadra has denied allegations of possessing illegal foreign assets and termed them a political witch hunt against him. 

  Feb 07, 2019  08:18 (IST)

Vadra's lawyer said he has replied to every question that was put to him on Wednesday.

  Feb 07, 2019  08:17 (IST)

"He is my husband, he is my family...I support my family," Priyanka Gandhi had said on Wednesday in a show of support to Vadra.

  Feb 07, 2019  08:15 (IST)

Robert Vadra has submitted documents related to income tax to ED officials. 

  Feb 07, 2019  08:14 (IST)

Vadra had reached the ED office at around 3:45 pm on Wednesday and was grilled for almost six hours. 

  Feb 07, 2019  08:12 (IST)

The ED has summoned him for questioning as they agency was not satisfied with Vadra's answers.

First Published: Thursday, February 07, 2019 08:08 AM
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