NN Campaign: Stop imposing restrictions on women in the name of safety!

New Delhi, Bindiya Bhatt | Updated : 12 November 2014, 09:34 AM

Enough is enough! Restrictions, humiliation, mental torture, biasness – how many more slaps in the name of women safety? Many examples of such humiliation keep coming to light, the latest being the Bengaluru and AMU incidents.

Shockingly, in an advanced city like Bengaluru, girl students have been asked to inform their respective colleges as to where, when and with whom they interact, just for the sake of their safety. What is even more shocking is that they are even asked to inform the time of leaving and arriving at the college!

A 34-point guideline has been issued by the PU education department, Bangalore safety, and has been sent out to as many as 325 government and private colleges.

The use of cellphones has also been banned in college campus and the girls are required to keep their colleges in the loop on their whereabouts! Are these colleges trying to snoop on girl students? Is it right in the name of safety?

Coming to another incident, the Vice Chancellor of AMU Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah has sparked controversy by rejecting the demand of women students to have access to the library. According to him, there would be "four times more boys" in the library if girls were allowed in.

Why? Why these rules and guidelines are imposed only on girls?

In another related incident, Congress member from Jammu and Kashmir Yusuf Bhat gave an outrageous comment on his own daughters. After mentioning his daughters as a liability in the election affidavit, he said, "Unmarried daughters are a liability to their fathers. My daughters are a burden on me."

Liability? Burden? Really? Today, when daughters are not lagging behind sons in terms of education, talent and capabilities, is it justified for a minister to make such shameful statements?

Guys, wake up! Stop humiliating women in any form! Respect her! Let her walk with her head high! Join News Nation’s campaign, let’s come together and help women rise more and more!


First Published: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 07:58 PM
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