Digvijay Singh stirs controversy by making 'sexist' remark on Congress MP

Mandsaur, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 26 July 2013, 04:26 PM

Controversies favourite child, Digvijaya Singh on Friday landed in soup again after making a 'sexist' remark at a rally in Madhya Pradesh. Speaking at a public rally in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, he called Congress MP and Rahul aide Meenakshi Natarajan a 'tanch maal' or a good product.

Addressing the crowd, Digvijay Singh said, “She is your Member of Parliament. She is a Gandhian, she is simple and honest...she goes to everybody, from village to village. I have 40-42 years of experience (in politics) and I am an old connoisseur...politicians come to understand things even with little hint as to who is genuine and who is a fraud. She is 100% tunch maal and fights for the poor.” 

“...she doesn’t get into groups (within the party) in Mandsaur, she takes everybody along. She has made a mark in Delhi as well, inside the Lok Sabha and within the party. Soniaji and Rahulji hold her in high esteem; leaders like Digvijay (referring to himself) also fear her. She is your MP, so give her full support.” 

Natarajan, who was present at the event, said the remark was not offensive. "There's nothing wrong with what Digvijaya Singh has said. He has appreciated my work, nothing offensive in it. He is a big leader and I invited him to my constituency," she said.

First Published: Friday, July 26, 2013 04:19 PM
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