International Women’s Day: Story of every ‘India’s daughter’!

New Delhi, Devika Chhibber | Updated : 08 March 2015, 03:59 PM

I am a woman, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a wife, a mother, a professional; yet I yearn for freedom in life.

At the helm of so many relationships, my life has never been easy. Freedom has been a distant dream for me always.

The story starts from a woman, courses through the ‘tormented’ passage called life and ends in a dream of being born ‘free’ again.

Inside my mother’s womb, I always prayed that my family cheers up on seeing me, but as always I was disappointed. My father never wanted me, my grandparents disliked me, my brother considered me a ‘useless’ toy.

Still, I never let gloom enter me, instead I chose to grow up as a free-will girl but aahh the society. It crushed my dreams again and again. I struggled to compete, complete my education, was refused to wear my favourite dresses, never allowed to wander outside like my brother, was always asked to behave and not speak loud.

Even after complying with all their wishes I was never allowed to choose my education, profession and partner for life.

I was asked to pursue a career which could get me a ‘decent’ groom. Once married, I thought my days as a burden were over but no, it was just the beginning!

My father ‘burdened’ by my ‘cost’ found a groom who was ready to bring home a luxurious package that fits his needs and requirements.

He needed a woman who served him and his family, brought home money, worked as a maid, cooked food and wash utensils, did the household chores, bore him sons yet never complained.

My in-laws were no less. They suggested that I have reaped rich fruits of destiny by marrying their son, so I should treat him as God- i.e. always ready to serve him with heart and body.

My children walked on the path devised by their father! For them I was just their perfect mother who manages everything but has no regrets in life.

My company treated me as a slave! Spoke of women empowerment, yet failed to recognise my hardships, instead compared me with the men workforce who they thought suffer as much like me in their households. Really!

I always had to work in accordance with the game setters of society who occasionally were males- my father, my boss, my husband and in future my son!

My life revolved around my family. And, if God forbid my husband died I am treated like an untouchable who is boycotted by society and wishful life.

My death ofcourse has no impact on society. If I am killed, justice leaves my way with society and politicians playing games and bans over my death. They even shun the idea of showing my story to the world. They name me (Nirbhaya) yet fail to identify me.

Am I not worthy of even an expression?

A painting without art! Is that what I am to the whole world? No, I am more than a painting. I am a soulful song which brings music to your ears, tears to your eyes and emotions to your heart. I am a woman whose existence is not your clause rather I am the creator and destroyer.

I choose my own destiny, I decide my course like a flowing river that pacifies your thirst. Your laws don’t bind me. Remember change is not for me but because of me. So rise up and become the change for others.

Here is wishing all the ladies a very significant International Women’s Day! 

First Published: Sunday, March 08, 2015 12:21 PM
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