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LK Advani inaugurates IITRAM at Ahmedabad, says want to see Narendra Modi as PM

Ahmedabad, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 16 October 2013, 05:44 PM

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and senior BJP leader LK Advani on Wednesday inaugurated Institute of Infrastructure, Technology, Research and Management (IITRAM) in Ahmedabad. Praising Modi, Advani said that he would be very happy if the Gujarat CM becomes the Prime Minister of India.

Here are the highlights of Modi's speech:

  • I am late in this. We passed the bill but Governor refused to sign it: Narendra Modi at IITRAM inauguration in Ahmedabad
  • Bill was passed two times. Still was pending for 6 months. Reason was one- you elected me from here & this is coming here: Modi
  • They were determined not to let it happen till 2012 Elections. We said do it in March but no: Narendra Modi
  • Those states, particularly those against the Centre are facing this problem. Their voices are being suppressed: Shri Narendra Modi
  • There may have been some reasons in the past that difficulty became a virtue. Poverty also became virtue. This has changed: Modi
  • When we are in a global world we have to make our place and this cannot only happen by reciting quotations: Modi
  • World sees the strengths you have, your economy, how are you embracing technology, how are you contributing to HRD: Narendra Modi
  • Earlier maybe strength was accepted due to military or economic power but today there are other factors too through which we can stand out: Modi
  • One such thing is knowledge. It is important to scale new heights of knowledge: Modi
  • I always said if Ahmedabad develops on its western side it is incomplete. Even the eastern side must develop: Modi
  • Development must be one that touches everyone. It is not only about words. Empowerment of youth is the way ahead: Narendra Modi
  • Skilled manpower, human resource development...we were slow in this earlier and there was no vision or foresight: Modi
  • Need of the hour is to create manpower that can help in Rashtra Nirman: Modi
  • Urbanisation is happening at such a fast pace and in these times we need so many people. So much manpower is needed: Narendra Modi
  • And we are blessed with youth power. Imagine how much they can contribute towards nation building: Narendra Modi
  • Aspirations are rising. People say we want these services too. And Governments have to fulfil these aspirations: Narendra Modi
  • Who is bigger, the 6 crore people of Gujarat or select people who are holding offices. You must face the people, you have a chance in 2014: Modi
  • Advani ji has said it with confidence & I trust what Advani ji says that 2014 will deliver change: Narendra Modi

Here are the highlights of Advani's speech:

  • The organisers asked me and Narendra Bhai what programmes were held today and if there are more programmes, I said there were programmes earlier but this is a very important programme: LK Advani
  • I said IIT is important and RAM is also very important. The IIT stands for different thing: LK Advani
  • I asked is there any place where education related to infrastructure is given? Those standing there said no, I also do not think there is: Advani
  • By this inauguration, Narendra Bhai has showed something different. He thinks on how to do things that are not there anywhere: Advani
  • I have seen this quality in Narendra Bhai for a very long time, even before he came into power. Today only I was saying that 1st time I came to Ahmedabad in 1945. It has been a long time: Advani
  • When I saw the Sabarmati then I wondered in this that river associated with Gandhi ji? But see it today. The mind gets impressed: Advani
  • There is no second place in India where it is like this. And its all happened now: LK Advani on Riverfront development
  • People said colonial times were good but I know the truth. There was humiliation and we wished that rule end: Advani
  • Then the dream came for Suraj. That is when the Jana Sangh was born, which is serving the people as BJP: Advani
  • We came to power for 6 years, Vajpayee ji was the leader, we formed Governments in states too: LK Advani
  • Work done in Gujarat and under Narendra Bhai is praised all over the world and it feels nice: LK Advani
  • BJP served the people for 6 years but the prices did not rise. This despite economic sanctions put by USA: LK Advani

The event assumes significance, as Advani, the 85-year-old MP from Gandhinagar constituency, was seen at a major public function along with Modi in Gujarat after 2011.

Though Advani and Modi had appeared on a public platform in Bhopal on September 25, along with a pantheon of BJP leaders for the first time after the anointment of the Gujarat Chief Minister as party's prime ministerial candidate, there the ties between the two leaders were far from being warm.

However, in contrast today both of them appeared more relaxed when they came together for the AMC function.

First Published: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 05:12 PM
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