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Shanti Bhushan denies holding meeting with dissidents; AAP members demand probe

New Delhi, PTI | Updated : 25 March 2015, 01:01 PM

The internal feud in Aam Aadmi Party today saw a National Council member from Punjab demanding that party convenor Arvind Kejriwal launch an inquiry into a parallel meeting called by a section a day prior to the body’s crucial meet on March 28.

In a letter to Kejriwal, Ashok Talwar, an NC member from Amritsar, said the meeting has been called on the “pretext” of having discussion on Swaraj and internal democracy and alleged that some “deep conspiracy for vested interests” was on to destabilise the party.

The latest development comes in the backdrop of reports that AAP leader Shanti Bhushan was going to hold a meeting with the dissidents ahead of party’s National Council meet, which he subsequently denied.

Talwar claimed of having received repeated “calls as well as messages” from different numbers inviting him to attend a “discussion” on March 27.

“I have been receiving calls as well as messages from different numbers to come to Delhi one day prior to the NC meeting...on the pretext of having discussion on Swaraj.

“They have been calling repeatedly to confirm the presence on 27 so that the arrangements for stay, food etc can be made in advance as already 124+ members have confirmed their participation in the meeting where deliberations would be held to ‘save Swaraj’ and internal democracy in the party,” the letter said.

Talwar further alleged that some “deep conspiracy” for vested interests was going on to destabilise the party and went on to name a few people accusing them of “floating” the information.

He asked Kejriwal to be “vigilant” and inquire about the matter and to stop the “conspirators” from anti-party activities.

Reacting to the developments, senior party leader Ashutosh said that a “lot of members” have raised this issue.

“Told them they are free to raise this issue on the 28th,” he said.

Acting petty will spell doom for party: AAP MP on infighting

Cautioning AAP’s senior leadership over infighting, party MP Dharamvira Gandhi today said they have “no right” to betray aspirations of the people and the party is bound to be “dumped into garbage of history” if the members “act and play petty”.

Gandhi, AAP’s Patiala MP, stressed that striking a balance between “principles and pragmatism” would play a decisive role in chalking out the future of the party and asked its volunteers to stop being mere “followers”.

“I warn all leaders, however big, and grass root volunteers of AAP, however small, that we have no right to betray the aspirations and faith, reposed in AAP by billions of poor and frustrated Indians, on flimsy grounds and petty resolvable differences.

“Can we really strike a balance between principles and pragmatism is the real bone of contention and the key question today. A correct position on this issue will play a decisive role in deciding the future of AAP, and the people of this country,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Addressing the party’s volunteers, Gandhi underlined the need to inculcate sense of logic, reasoning, rationality and spirit of enquiry like a “social scientist” in their minds.

“The future of the party, dear volunteers is in your hands. If you allow this party to be a party of just followers like ones in Congress, BJP, SP,BSP and alike and not a party of thinking volunteers, you will only spell doom for the party you love so much,” he said.

“Let each one of us including all our leaders understand that if we think, act and play petty during this historic era of hope, the history and people of India will never forgive us and we are bound to be dumped in to garbage of history. BEWARE AAP,” he added.

The AAP’s National Council is scheduled to meet on March 28 amid the ongoing tussle in the party between the Arvind Kejriwal faction and loyalists of Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan.

First Published: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 12:56 PM
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