Tattoo helps Mumbai cop reunite with mother after 18 years

Mumbai, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 17 October 2013, 05:21 PM

In a heart touching tale, a mother and son reunited because of a tattoo after he got lost on a Mumbai crowded train 18 years back.

The incident happened in 1989 when the protagonist Ganesh Raghunath Dhangade boarded a train with his friends and got lost because it was too crowded.

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Ganesh was only six years old, and was unable to go back. He was on the streets of the city, alone and nobody to care for him. Later he was sent to an orphanage after being hit by a train at CST as he had nobody to take care of him.

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"I cleaned platforms and ate at dargahs and Ganesh mandals. I met a fisherman who took me home. I used to play with his son, Sainath. They used to make me beg on local trains and give me food in exchange for the money," he recalled while speaking exclusively to News Nation.

He studied hard, took the police exams, cleared the written, physical and medical tests, and joined the Quick Response Team (QRT) of the Mumbai Police as a constable in 2011.

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When he used to see his friends parents, he used to miss his family. Thus, he started searching his mother, Manda R Dhangade, whose name was tattooed in his arms.

Later, Dhangade found out that he had enrolled in the Anand Orphange saying that he hailed from the Mamu Bhanja Dargah area.

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Finally on October 4, he reached the Mamu Bhanja dargah in Thane, and asked locals about his mother, Manda, whose name had been tattooed on his hand.

There he came to know that an old lady by the same name lived on a hill nearby. This is how he met his mother.
First Published: Thursday, October 17, 2013 04:39 PM
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