IPL 2019 Game 6 highlights: Kolkata Knight Riders beat Kings XI Punjab by 28 runs

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 28 March 2019, 12:04 AM
Kolkata Knight Riders all set to host Kings XI Punjab for their second home game (Image Credit: Twitter)
Kolkata Knight Riders all set to host Kings XI Punjab for their second home game (Image Credit: Twitter)

Russell, Rana and Robbie – the ‘RRR’ troika, played sensationally well in the game to hand over the Knights with a 28-run victory at the iconic Eden Gardens. Kings XI Punjab toiled hard to get as close as possible to the target. Mayank, Mandeep, David - the ‘MMM’ troika tried, but try was just not enough.  

  Mar 27, 2019  23:48 (IST)

That's it from us. Hope you enjoyed our coverage! We'll be back for tomorrow's game which is scheduled to happen between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Tada!

  Mar 27, 2019  23:38 (IST)

RESULT: Kolkata Knight Riders beat Kings XI Punjab by 28 runs

  Mar 27, 2019  23:34 (IST)

Chawla will bowl the final over! 42 needed off the last 6!

  Mar 27, 2019  23:31 (IST)

ALERT: David Miller brings up his 9th IPL fifty!

  Mar 27, 2019  23:30 (IST)

For Kings XI Punjab, it will be said - 'they tried, but try was just not enough'. 

  Mar 27, 2019  23:26 (IST)

Looks close to impossible now! Required run-rate nearing 25! 

  Mar 27, 2019  23:22 (IST)

150 up for Kings XI Punjab!

  Mar 27, 2019  23:20 (IST)

Was Mandeep always there at the crease or what? What a delightful shot that was! SIX to start the 17th over! However, the required rate is just over 20 now!

  Mar 27, 2019  23:17 (IST)

Good call by Miller there. Saves his wicket and KXIP's hopes!

  Mar 27, 2019  23:14 (IST)

Mandeep is the new man in!

  Mar 27, 2019  23:13 (IST)

WICKET: Misses it by a mile there. Piyush Chawla tossed the ball up, and Mayank was taken in flight! Out for 58. 

  Mar 27, 2019  23:06 (IST)

Another catch put down! It's all changing here at Eden Gardens!

  Mar 27, 2019  23:03 (IST)

This is one of many reasons why 'moments' win matches in cricket! It wouldn't be wrong to say that KXIP is very much in the game now! after 14 overs, it's 124/3. 

  Mar 27, 2019  23:01 (IST)

ALERT: Mayank Agarwal registers 4th IPL fifty!

  Mar 27, 2019  22:57 (IST)

50 run partnership between Mayank and Miller!

  Mar 27, 2019  22:56 (IST)

So, 113 needed in 48 balls now! 

  Mar 27, 2019  22:54 (IST)

Back to back boundaries for KILLER THRILLER MILLER! Can he do it for KXIP - That's the question! 

  Mar 27, 2019  22:51 (IST)

Finally some smiles in KXIP camp. First SIX after a long..long..time! 

  Mar 27, 2019  22:46 (IST)

So, Miller has done it for KXIP in past, but the question is will he be able to this time? Narine is bowling beautifully, Russell ain't giving anything to the batsmen, and run-rate is above 14. Just can't leave it for the end now. The time is now or NEVER! After 10 overs, it's 77/3. 

  Mar 27, 2019  22:38 (IST)

Punjab in need of a partnership, desperately! 

  Mar 27, 2019  22:37 (IST)

WICKET: Yet another start for Sarfaraz, yet another disappointment. Russell is proving to be the difference between two sides. Third one down!

  Mar 27, 2019  22:33 (IST)

Well, the way things have been going for Kings XI, they need something special and fast if they wish to stay in this game. the required run rate has already reached 13. 

  Mar 27, 2019  22:29 (IST)

Kuldeep Yadav comes into the attack now! 

  Mar 27, 2019  22:26 (IST)

50 up for Kings XI Punjab!

  Mar 27, 2019  22:21 (IST)

KKR are right on top. KL Rahul and Chris Gayle have done it in past for them, but not today! After 5 overs, it's 43/2.

  Mar 27, 2019  22:19 (IST)

WICKET: Russell in the show again! Dres Russ sends Universe Boss!

  Mar 27, 2019  22:14 (IST)

Kings XI Punjab lost KL Rahul early in the innings! 

  Mar 27, 2019  22:14 (IST)

Second Innings starts!

  Mar 27, 2019  21:42 (IST)

Kolkata Knight Riders 218/4 in 20 overs

  Mar 27, 2019  21:39 (IST)

WICKET: Finally some ecstasy in KXIP camp. Dre Russ departs for 48! 

  Mar 27, 2019  21:38 (IST)

20th over has started in Punjab's favour! Just three runs off the first three deliveries. 

  Mar 27, 2019  21:33 (IST)

The partnership is now 54 off 26 deliveries. 200 up for Kolkata Knight Riders!

  Mar 27, 2019  21:32 (IST)

Robin doing the good thing here, giving the strike to Dre RUSS! How many more can we expect here? 

  Mar 27, 2019  21:29 (IST) and pressure back on Kings XI Punjab!

  Mar 27, 2019  21:27 (IST)

Russell not looking that effective today! Punjab has made a sensational comeback here. Not giving anything to KKR batsman! 

  Mar 27, 2019  21:24 (IST)

Excellent execution. Bowling with clear plans. Shami at his best! Just one boundary of the 17th over! It's 163/3. 

  Mar 27, 2019  21:17 (IST)

Mohammad Shami comes back into the attack to bowl his third over!

  Mar 27, 2019  21:14 (IST)

ALERT: Robin Uthappa brings up his 24th IPL fifty!

  Mar 27, 2019  21:08 (IST)

WICKET: Just wow innings from Nitish Rana. He did what he could! First wicket for Varun in IPL.

  Mar 27, 2019  21:07 (IST)

Going by the cricketing mind, KKR may well promote Andre Russell up the order. We may see him next here. 

  Mar 27, 2019  21:05 (IST)

Pressure looming on Kings XI Punjab! They are desperately in need of a wicket here! After 14 overs, it's 146/2. 

  Mar 27, 2019  21:03 (IST)

ALERT: 100 run partnership between Rana and Uthappa!

  Mar 27, 2019  21:01 (IST)

MILESTONE ALERT: 7th IPL Fifty for Nitish Rana!

  Mar 27, 2019  20:59 (IST)

Nitish Rana- YOU BEAUTY! 

  Mar 27, 2019  20:57 (IST)

Mandeep Singh introduced into the attack! 

  Mar 27, 2019  21:04 (IST)

Ravichandran Ashwin giving full tosses to Rana! What else can you ask for except for depositing it into the stands! After 11 overs, it's 108/2. 

  Mar 27, 2019  20:54 (IST)

100 up for Kolkata Knight Riders!

  Mar 27, 2019  20:48 (IST)

Rana and Robbie looking solid here. Punjab in need of a wicket or the duo will take the game away from them! After 10 overs, it's 89/2. 

  Mar 27, 2019  20:46 (IST)

ALERT: 50 run partnership between Rana and Robbie!

  Mar 27, 2019  20:40 (IST)

Tye is mixing up quite well here. Just not giving anything to the batsman. Superlative stuff! 

  Mar 27, 2019  20:36 (IST)

The repair work started for KKR, lost two wickets early and now the onus is on Rana and Uthappa to do the job. After 8 overs, it's 73/2. 

  Mar 27, 2019  20:28 (IST)

Ashwin comes to bowl the final over of powerplay! If you're standing at Non-striker's end, Just don't leave your crease!

  Mar 27, 2019  20:23 (IST)

Andrew Tye comes into the attack! A lot of changes in the first six overs itself!

  Mar 27, 2019  20:23 (IST)

Just two things happening at the moment - it's either boundary or a wicket! Game getting pace early in the innings! After 4 overs, it's 42/2. 

  Mar 27, 2019  20:19 (IST)

WICKET: Quick-fire innings comes to an end for Narine. He was looking deadly dangerous! Narine departs for 24. 

  Mar 27, 2019  20:17 (IST)

Viljoen replaces Varun! Will it bring any difference?

  Mar 27, 2019  20:14 (IST)

Robin Uthappa comes to the crease. 

  Mar 27, 2019  20:13 (IST)

WICKET: Lynn was trying to continue the momentum but just couldn't! This is Miller's wicket more than the bowler himself. What a catch!

  Mar 27, 2019  20:09 (IST)

25 off Varun's first over! What a start by Narine!

  Mar 27, 2019  20:08 (IST)

Misfield blunder! Just don't expect at the International level! Debutant under pressure!

  Mar 27, 2019  20:06 (IST)

Varun - the debutant comes with the first over!

  Mar 27, 2019  20:04 (IST)

Superb over by Shami - just one of it! 

  Mar 27, 2019  20:06 (IST)

ALERT: Narine playing his 100th IPL game!

  Mar 27, 2019  20:03 (IST)

Brilliant seam position for Shami. Absolutely sensational start by Kings XI Punjab! 

  Mar 27, 2019  19:59 (IST)

Players are out in the middle and we are ready for the first ball. Andre Russell rings the bell! Universe Boss checks the pitch. Sunil Narine back to his favourite position!

  Mar 27, 2019  19:48 (IST)

10 minutes to go! Eden Gardens is all lightened! 

  Mar 27, 2019  19:43 (IST)

So, it's Dre Russ vs Universe Boss! 

  Mar 27, 2019  19:43 (IST)

Kings XI Punjab (Playing XI): Lokesh Rahul(w), Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Sarfaraz Khan, David Miller, Mandeep Singh, Hardus Viljoen, Ravichandran Ashwin(c), Varun Chakravarthy, Mohammed Shami, Andrew Tye

  Mar 27, 2019  19:34 (IST)

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI): Chris Lynn, Nitish Rana, Robin Uthappa, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Shubman Gill, Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav, Lockie Ferguson, Prasidh Krishna

  Mar 27, 2019  19:33 (IST)

TOSS: Kings XI Punjab opt to bowl vs Kolkata Knight Riders

  Mar 27, 2019  19:26 (IST)

NEWS: David Miller and Tye are both available for selection today.

  Mar 27, 2019  19:19 (IST)

We are now just 10 minutes away for the all-important TOSS! Who will win? 

  Mar 27, 2019  19:01 (IST)

Kolkata wicket is expected to be a batting-friendly wicket and team winning the toss will look to put some runs on the board as the Eden Gardens wicket slows down as the game progresses. 

  Mar 27, 2019  18:59 (IST)

Ravichandran Ashwin and Dinesh Karthik, captains of their respective sides have been in news for different reasons. The latter would still be happy, even when both are not for 'good' reasons!

  Mar 27, 2019  18:56 (IST)

Hello and a warm welcome! We are all set to witness another cracker of a game as Kolkata take on Punjab in yet another home game. Two teams have won their first game, and this remains to be seen which team will make it 2 in 2! We're just 60 minutes away from the first ball. 

First Published: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 06:44 PM
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