You can now become INVISIBLE! Harry Potter invisibility cloak to soon hit the market

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 26 June 2019, 12:44 PM
Harry Potter invisibility cloak coming to the markets! (Photo: Twitter)
Harry Potter invisibility cloak coming to the markets! (Photo: Twitter)

Harry Potter fan or not, every breathing soul at one point of time must have wished the famous invisibility cloak could get into your hands. Well, it looks like your wish might as well become a real thing, because the cloak is hitting the market! But don’t get very excited just yet, because the cloak, unlike the magic of Hogwarts works somewhat like a green screen effect, in that it uses an iOS or Android app to film or photograph you disappearing. So, basically you might not disappear, disappear but you’’ll be guaranteed to have the coolest pictures ever.  

The faux magical finery when worn makes you look as though you've disappeared though you are of course, you will not disappear literally as Harry did in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Created with the help of Harry Potter maker Warner Brothers through an app built by US toy maker Wow Stuff, the firm wrote, "To start enjoying the illusion of invisibility, simply cover yourself, family, friends or even objects with the Invisibility Cloak," the firm writes in its product description.

"View, photograph or film yourself through the app on your phone or tablet, and set your imagination free."

The costume boasts the same pattern as what we see in the JK Rowling series and will reportedly have two versions of this mystical cloak. The standard version comes at $70 (£55), with a foldaway stand on which to position your phone.

There is also a deluxe version that costs slightly more at $80 (£60) and will have a ‘serpent intertwined border in its pattern’ as well as a tabletop tripod, according to cnet.

The website also reports that the cloaks are set to release later this year on Aug. 1, and have previously won a Toy of the Year award at Sweden's Toy Awards. 

First Published: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 11:53 AM
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