Models support Sao Paulo Fashion Week's first show

Brazil, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 28 October 2013, 12:26 PM

Fashion lovers and commuters had a chance to get up close and personal with haute couture when organizers of Sao Paulo Fashion Week was brought on runway to the subway.

Designers dressed models in a collection of pieces that formed a retrospective of some of the event's most exciting and provocative designs throughout the years.

Sao Paulo Fashion Week is an Latin America's largest fashion event and is a biannual event now in its fifteenth year.

Sao Paulo Fashion Week Director Paulo Borges said the concept behind the subway show was to prove that fashion transcends boundaries.

"Fashion for me has this function of showing where it can travel. It can go anywhere. It can travel outside the halls of Sao Paulo Fashion Week. It can travel inside Rio Tiete. It can go inside a museum. It can go in the middle of the street. It can be in the subway. And this is the idea, to mix fashion and the subway and the people in the subway. This is to show that fashion doesn't have this barrier and that everything is a question of image and perception," Borges said.

The subway show was the first official event in the week-long fashion showcase - currently in its 2014 Winter edition.

Models rode the subway with regular commuters, disembarking at various times to give the public a better look at their colourful, and in certain cases, wild creations.

Fabiana Maia, one of the participating models, said that it was interesting to see peoples' reactions.

"It's super funny to the see the reaction of some people travelling the same route. I think it's very interesting. Very cool and different," Maia said.

According to organizers, Sao Paulo Fashion Week is a meeting point for over 30,000 companies which employ over 2 million Brazilians and generate in upwards of $50 billion in export revenues.

Subway employee Katerina Ribeiro said it was great to see higher fashion and everyday people converge.

"I think it is extremely different because this is the kind of thing I am not used to seeing and to see it so crowded is also amazing because it brings together fashion and the common public. Normally it (fashion) is a world that keeps a certain distance from people and this is way to bring this context closer. I really like the initiative, very cool!" Ribeiro said.

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen will take the Sao Paulo catwalk later in the week on October 31, marking one of the major highlights of the event. Bundchen will be presenting for designer Colcci.

Sao Paulo Fashion Week lasts until November 1.

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First Published: Monday, October 28, 2013 12:17 PM
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