Sweating can be dangerous: Six facts you need to know

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 23 April 2018, 04:32 PM
Sweating can be dangerous: Six facts you need to know
Sweating can be dangerous: Six facts you need to know

Sweating during summer is a natural thing. Everybody sweats when one is exposed to heat and warmth. However, excessive sweating can also be a sign of ill health. Some people rarely sweat while some sweat more, depending on the body type. Hence sweating more can also be normal. Let's know more about sweating.

Here are six interesting facts about sweating and sweat you need to know.

1- Natural body reaction to heat: Sweating is a natural body reaction when exposed to heat or extreme warmth. It is also a natural process of cooling the body.

2- Sweat has no smell of its own: According to science, sweat is composed of water, sugar, salt and ammonia. Sweat begins to smell when it reacts with the bacteria in the body or underarms. 

3- Some people sweat more: You may sweat more than others or not sweat at all. But it is nothing to worry. Some tend to sweat more and some less depending on the body built and metabolism.

4- Excessive sweating can be dangerous: Excessive sweating needs medical attention as it could be dangerous. The condition of excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. People suffering from it have overactive sweat glands. Profuse sweating can cause acute dehydration. Show to a doctor for proper treatment if you suffer from excessive sweating. It can be treated.

 5- Excessive sweating can cause dehydration: drink plenty of water or juice if you suffer from excessive sweating. Hydrate your body well to protect yourself from falling ill in many ways.

 6- Sweating is also a sign of nausea: You tend to sweat and perspire when you feel nauseous. Get some fresh air and drink chilled water to feel better.

How to treat smelly underarms and bad body adour.

Sweating causes your body to smell, especially the armpits. It can cause an embarrassing situation in public. Smelly underarms can be an irritant and put off people at close quarters. Follow these easy and simple steps to rid bad body adour.

1- Make sure to have regular bath

2- Scrub and wash your body clean

3- Use underarm roll-on and body spray 

4- Avoid perfume if you have smelly underarms

5- Wear fresh and clean clothes everytime

6- Avoid strong deodorants

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