100-yr-old Bengali recipes hit Facebook

Kolkata, PTI | Updated : 08 July 2013, 10:06 AM

Traditional grandma's recipes from the erstwhile 'purbobanga' figures in Facebook and notches up a record hit of 20,000 likes in just five days time, reaching out to the pizza-burger crowd.

"It is amazing. To see how kalmi sag, bhaji masala, and Katla Maacher Roast – culinaries from erstwhile 'Purbobanga' now Bangladesh – find takers from the net generation who click likes on the images and recipes given underneath. Similalry Chingri Machher malaikari – a typical Bengali dish having originated from 'Poschimbango' – get the highest number of likes among the social networkers," a spokesman of the site having introduced the hundreds of years old delicacies of then undivided Bengal on web with recipes, said.

"When you can’t deliver the dishes, which can’t be cooked at home with the same smell and flavor any more, FB and twitter become the best medium to give others the next alternative option," he said.

The FB page will now upload details of 'Aamporar Shorbot', 'Gandhoraj Ghol', besides Mangshor Chop, Chingrir Thoda cutlet, Dhaniya fried Chicken, the last two newly invented fusion brands conjured from the net feedback and also included in the Thali, photographs of which have also been uploaded for the yuppie brigade who have not forsaken their roots, celebrity chef of 6 Ballygunje Place Sushanta Sengupta said.

"The over 40,000 visits to our FB section for gourmets, in a short span, made us wake up to this reality and we are trying to improvise, tailoring and catering to a large section of the professionals," Sengupta, associated with the outlet catering to celebrities and commoners for typically traditional Bengali delicacies, said.

First Published: Sunday, July 07, 2013 06:53 PM
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