'Ugly, smelly, unharvested pest-plant': How British daily described jackfruit

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 30 March 2019, 10:07 PM
Keralites are not happy with their description of jackfruit (Photo: Instagram)
Keralites are not happy with their description of jackfruit (Photo: Instagram)

The jackfruit tree found in most parts of India is one among the staple foods eaten both as a dish and a fruit. This largest tree-borne fruit suited for the low tropical lowlands with its spikes can sometimes be mistaken as the world’s smelliest fruit, durian. A recent article published by the Guardian ‘Jackfruit is a vegan sensation – could I make it taste delicious at home?’ described the jackfruit as ‘’just a spectacularly ugly, smelly, unfarmed, unharvested pest-plant native to India’’ and this description has not gone down well for the people of Kerala.

While it is unclear if the daily mistook jackfruit for a durian, the description of the jackfruit has ignited a hot, Twitter debate lashing out on the daily not just from Keralites themselves but from other jackfruit-eating neighbour states.

Lashing out on the daily for its so-called ‘ignorance’, one user wrote, it has been relished as fruit, jam, chips, as part of curries/thorans, for generations in Kerala. There are entire food festivals held just around this fruit, for God's sake! Ignorance should be no excuse for casual racism, it reeks more than jackfruit. or durian (heard of that?)’’. While people from other parts of the country who relish jackfruit also jumped in for support of the fruit. One user wrote, i'm from the north of india and jackfruit is quite popular there: as a fruit (yummyyy), as a vegetable, even as street food. clearly these people @guardian need to hire people who have at least heard of researching’’.

Check out some the tweets here:

First Published: Saturday, March 30, 2019 12:14 PM
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