Air pollution may increase risk of premature birth: Study

29 July 2017, 01:44 PM
Air pollution may increase the risk of premature delivery
Air pollution may increase the risk of premature delivery

This is a piece of news which is alarming. Air pollution is not at all good for pregnant women. According to a latest study, air pollution can lead to premature and underweight birth of the baby. The research undertaken by scientists at New York University indicated that those pregnant mothers who are exposed to any kind of air pollution have higher chances of delivering a premature or underweight infant. 

The researchers conducted the study on mice who were exposed to air pollution in various stages of pregnancy. It was found out that those almost 83 percent of the mice who were exposed to the pollution gave birth to premature babies. 

Expecting mothers should avoid any kind of exposure to heavy pollution places and must also use air filtration system during the early stages of their pregnancy. 

Premature birth and low weight during birth increases the risk problems related to vision, learning & hearing and even death as well. The motive of the study was to know the impact of fine particulate air pollution, which has been linked to the risk of getting asthma and heart disease. 

The study revealed some shocking facts that exposure of the pregnant mother to air pollution during  her first or second trimester has connections to more negative  birth outcomes. This is an important matter as air pollution is a major source of concern in the country. 

It was also found out that exposure to air pollution during the starting two trimesters have led to placental weight, decreased body length and abnormal hormone levels. 

First Published: Saturday, July 29, 2017 12:59 PM

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