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READ: Tips to prevent Swine Flu

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 17 February 2015, 12:37 PM

Swine flu, the widespread disease which is caused by H1N1 influenza Virus, has become a cause of worry in India with the death toll mounting to 585. Awareness and precautions can save one from contracting the deadly disease. Here are some tips to prevent swine flu: 

Vaccination: Vaccination for all those who are older than six months of age is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The vaccine comes in form of an injection as well as a nasal spray, but pregnant women should avoid the latter and those above 49 years of age can go for it. Consult your doctor and get yourself vaccinated.

Stay home if feeling sick: If you have fever, get a blood test done. If you test positive for swine flu, stay at home. Chances are you may end up passing on the virus to others.

Frequently wash your hands: The flu virus survives up to two hours or more on surfaces like doorknobs. Make sure you wash your hands regularly using a medicated soap or sanitizer.

Close your mouth while coughing or sneezing: Make sure to cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. Keep a paper napkin or handkerchief handy. This practice prevents contamination.

Reduce exposure: If a person in your family has contracted swine flu, make sure that just one person takes care of him/her and others should avoid coming in front of the affected person. Make sure you stay six feet away from the ill person.

Wear a face mask: According to the Center for Disease Control, people affected from Swine Flu should always wear a face mask to avoid spreading the disease. Also, those attending the patient should also wear a face mask so that they don’t contract the H1N1 virus. Never reuse face masks.

Visit doctor: If you have fever or flu, do not be late in reaching out to a doctor. Timely medication can save your life.

First Published: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 10:42 AM
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