World Cancer Day: Foods that trigger the deadly disease

04 February 2017, 07:18 PM
World Cancer Day: Foods that trigger the deadly disease
World Cancer Day: Foods that trigger the deadly disease

Cancer is increasing at a rapid pace. Well, you may not be knowing this, but some foods promote cancer in body. And according to recent figures, 1 out of 10 cancer cases can be prevented with a right diet. You should completely avoid the following foods to stay away from the deadly disease:

  1. Burnt toast, roasted potatoes: We are often asked to not eat food that gets burnt. But we do not know the logic behind this. Actually, starchy foods like potatoes and bread, if cooked for long, produce a compound called acrylamide. Overcooking results in production of excess levels of acrylamide, which increases risk of cancer.
  2. Too much consumption of alcohol: Well many studies have shown that excessive consumption of alcohol is directly proportional to the deterioration of health and can be responsible for causing cancer. Heavy drinking damages liver and increases scar tissues, that leads to lung cancer. And less alcohol will mean less chances of cancer.
  3. Microwave made popcorn: Microwave made popcorn contain a compound called diacytel. This compound is toxic and can lead to lung cancer. Actually, radiation released from microwave causes food agitation and that is harmful for health.
  4. Hydrogenated oils: Dr Vinay Bhardwaj, Head of Quantitative Health at Grow-fit tells, excessive chemical treatment of vegetable oils produce transfats. Transfats are potent in triggering cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disorders. The unhealthy levels of omega-6 fatty acids found in hydrogenated oils like dalda make it highly carcinogenic.
  5. French fries and potato chips: As hydrogenated oils are not good for health, as discussed above, and French fries and chips are fried in hydrogenated oils, therefore these foods fall in harmful foods category. Also these foods contain lot of salt that causes high blood pressure.
First Published: Saturday, February 04, 2017 07:08 PM

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