Ikea to launch Gunrid, an indoor air-purifying curtain

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 21 February 2019, 02:08 PM
Ikea to launch curtain that can purify air (Photo: Facebook)
Ikea to launch curtain that can purify air (Photo: Facebook)

Ikea’s newest item will come in handy for Delhiites because the furniture retail company is all set to launch an air-purifying curtain that can purify indoor air. Gunrid, an air-purifying curtain is coated with a mineral-based surface that breaks down common pollutants. The surface of the curtain is treated with a photocatalyst mineral that causes air pollution to break down when light shines through it, allowing users to have a fresher indoor air.

An indoor item that is the result of a lengthy study for several years by IKEA in collaboration with university institutions in Europe and Asia, the purifying technology works with both natural and artificial light. 

"For me, it's important to work on products that solve actual problems and are relevant to people," explained IKEA product developer Mauricio Affonso.

"Textiles are used across homes, and by enabling a curtain to purify the air, we are creating an affordable and space-saving air purifying solution that also makes the home more beautiful," he continued.

The curtains are expected to be launched in Ikea stores by next year. 

First Published: Thursday, February 21, 2019 02:08 PM
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