Four of the world’s most mysterious mystics: A sneak peak into their mystical lives

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Four of the world’s most mysterious mystics (Photo:Twitter)
Four of the world’s most mysterious mystics (Photo:Twitter)

Mysticism is explained as the search for the apparent, hidden truth to life’s answered questions. The curiosity for such has led many mysterious mystics to give birth to religion, philosophy, cult, rituals, mediation and medicinal drugs among others. Even with the advancements in science, the void in human mind remains. The questions of death, time and space are some of such examples. These are some of the world’s most influential, mysterious mystics in search of the unknown:

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Aleister Crowley

Once dubbed as the world’s wicked man, Aleister Crowley was an occultist, a poet, a mountaineer to name a few. To make his profile even more interesting, he was also believed to be a spy for the Great Britain. The Press in the early 1900’s, however, didn’t seem to be very much impressed with his profile and dubbed him a sadist. He is also believed to have founded the religion of Thelema which had the principle of "Do what thou wilt". Aleister is also believed to have written a German propaganda during World War 1. The mysteriousness surrounding Aleister Crowley makes him one among the mysterious mystics.


The infamous, personal confidante to Tzarina-II and the song which led the Boney M to write a song about, Grigori Rasputin was born in a small village in Siberia. He quickly earned fame and religious following after he became a professed, travelling monk. In 1904, he was introduced to the Tzar Nicholas-II. Right after he is said to have cemented the royal family with his mystical healing. Back then, his mystical healing was attributed to prayer after he healed the Tzar’s son from haemophilia. What he actually did was just stopped the boy from taking aspirin which was worsening his ailment. Rasputin, however earned powerful influence over the Royal family after the incident. His power is so much that he became even a major, decision-maker even in the military World war. To make Rasputin even more mysterious, even after he was shot in the kidney, head and dumped in the icy water, later autopsy revealed they found water in his lungs. This made many to speculate that Rasputin was alive even after being shot and drowned.

Helena Blavatsky

One of the female mystics in this lists of mysterious mystics, Helena Blavatsky was a spirit-medium who founded the Theosophical Society. A religion that you can achieve salvation by discovering the mysteries of the universe. Their theory was to follow the intelligent evolution of all existence, something the modern world might not possibly comply to. From the Americas, to India to Tibet, Helena is believed to have acquired many mystic powers during her travels.

Victoria Woodhull

A woman born with modern beliefs in the conservative 19th century America, Victoria Woodhull born in Ohia, 1838. She was the ever-female candidate to run for the president and bravely for the women’s suffrage rights. Born to a degenerate, con-man father and an illiterate mother, Victoria became a magnetic healer after following the works of Austrian healer, Frank Mesmer. With the mystical learning of Frank and a little bit of her father’s conmanship, Victoria and her sister also opened the first American women, stockbroking firm. With the profits they earned, she and her sister also launched a newspaper to probably launched her presidential campaign and promote her principles. Victoria is also known to have vocally raised her concerned regarding free love, vegetarianism, right to divorce, sex education and legalise prostitution. She fought for every feminist issues the modern generation today is fighting for.
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