Bedtime habits that annoy partners most revealed

London, ANI | Updated : 04 October 2013, 04:30 PM

A new survey has compiled a list of most annoying bedtime habits that might be irking your partner or even you.

The survey found that 44 per cent respondents found snoring irritating, despite the fact that they did it themselves, the Daily Express reported.

The list of bad habits also included hogging the duvet, fidgeting, passing wind, sweating, sleeping naked and the early morning breath.

Habits like letting pets in between the sheets, talking in sleep and sneaking on to your partner's side of the bed were also featured on the list of night-time tussles.

The survey also found that 10 per cent of the couples questioned said that they would rather share their bed with a pet than their other half.

First Published: Friday, October 04, 2013 03:13 PM
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