Happy Kiss Day 2017: 5 Different types of kisses, what they mean this Valentines Week

13 February 2017, 04:36 PM
Happy Kiss Day: 5 Different types of kisses and what they mean this Valentines Week
Happy Kiss Day: 5 Different types of kisses and what they mean this Valentines Week

Finally, it's a day which is very much awaited by lovers on Valentines week where partners are excited, shy and happy of being kissed on Kiss Day. Love is pure, ecstatic and joyful. It gives you the courage to openly challenge the beliefs, whine with your partner and live a beautiful life.

It takes a lot yet a second to muster all your will and be with someone who has your heart.

Today is your day if you can open up and kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse in a different way.

So, here we bring you some different ideas to kiss your partner and make your day even more special: 

Kiss on the Forehead:

There is never a better way to express and comfort your partner than simply kissing him/ her on forehead. Kissing on forehead completes relationship and is the purest form of kissing. Being kissed on forehead is one of the purest form of expressing love.

Kiss on hands:

Kissing on hands means that the person whoever is kissing you adores you and likes spending time with you.

Kiss on Shoulder:

If you love someone and very deeply and want to express one's feeling you can kiss him/her on the shoulder and show how much passionate you are about your partner. Being kissed simply means that he/she desperately wants you.

Kiss on neck:

Being kissed on the neck means hat your partner belongs to you and will never leave you. Neck kiss is also known as kiss of faith and trust.

Kiss on Foot:

Kissing your partner on the foot is quite romantic, soft, gentle and ticklish, leading to passion.

First Published: Monday, February 13, 2017 07:26 AM
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