Love-making on the first date leads to romance!

Washington, ANI | Updated : 19 March 2015, 02:35 PM

A new study has revealed that having sex on the first date leads to romance.

The survey of 2,250 people by the sex toy brand found that 59 percent of men and 57 percent of women end up in bed the first night they meet and that a third of men and women have gone on to date someone with whom they had a one-night stand, the Daily Star reported.

The study showed that three out of ten women admitted they had been drunk when they had a one-night stand, compared to 21 percent of men and one in six women said they would think less of someone if they had sex on the first night, compared to 11percent of men.

It found that 61 percent of women and 63 percent of men had wanted to have sex with someone on the first date but had held back because it was too soon. 82 percent of women and 73 percent of men admitted to first night nerves when they have sex with a new partner.

Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst said that what is brilliant about this survey is that 83percent of women and 89percent of men would not think any less of someone they slept with on the first night.

Longhurst added that it shows again that people have all grown up in the UK when it comes to sex and they have leaving behind those old-fashioned attitudes where people are judged on their sexual behaviour.

Longhurst noted that it shows that one night stands often lead to something a lot more serious for many couples which is great, too, adding that the other interesting finding is how men and women worry about different things when they sleep with someone for the first time.

Longhurst added that for women, appearance is by far the most important thing, whereas men are much more concerned about their performance.

First Published: Thursday, March 19, 2015 02:26 PM
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