Meet the lesbian woman who married man who then became woman

London, ANI | Updated : 14 March 2015, 02:36 PM

Love definitely comes in different ways and the phrase seems to be apt for a French lesbian woman, who got married to a man who then became a woman.

Gemma Smith and Lexi Bourgaize from Guernsey, who recently welcomed their baby girl Megan-May, said that it was difficult for them to have a baby as Luke Bourgaize wanted to change his sex and become Lexi Bourgaize with which his hormones were getting sterilized, the Mirror reported.

Smith said that she was a lesbian for last seven ever when she met Lexi, and had been married to a man in her early 20s, but she felt everything right with Lexi and they started planning their future together.

After a year of Smith and Lexi’s marriage things started getting odd as Luke wasn’t comfortable with his body and confessed to his wife that he wanted to get a sex transformation done, but assured that he would still love her the same.

Smith mentioned that they knew they would face problem in explaining things to their daughter when she would grow older, but have decided to stay honest with her.

The adjustment was difficult but Smith and Lexi came over it and today enjoys being the proud parents of their little daughter, which was nothing more than a miracle, who was born against all the odds.

First Published: Saturday, March 14, 2015 02:32 PM
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