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Top reasons why couples fight!

London, ANI | Updated : 30 November 2014, 08:33 PM

A new survey has recently revealed the top ten reasons behind lovers’ tiffs with leaving clothes on the floor topping the list.

The research by Crisps retailer Pringles showed that leaving clothes lying on the floor was the lazy habit, which winds up more women than men, with 34 percent of ladies feeling the frustration compared to 19 percent of guys, the Daily Star reported.

Rows about bad bathroom habits feature highly at number three, leaving hairs in the shower plug (26 percent) was the top gripe ahead of leaving the toilet seat up (21 percent) and leaving the lid of the toothpaste off (17 percent).

Being glued to the mobiles was the fourth largest irritation. Surfing social networks at the dinner table was by far the worst offence (20 percent), followed by using their phone in bed (20 percent) and whilst watching a film (19 percent).

The research found that bored Brits will sit through five films a year that they don’t want to watch just to keep their partner happy.

In response to the results, the snacks brand has created the world’s first-ever couples’ sofa with his and hers TVs, called the View Tube, to make arguments over what to watch are a thing of the past.

Celebrity couple Kian Egan and wife Jodie Albert have tried out the View Tube and love it.

Top 10 tiffs between couples include:

1.            Leaving clothes on the floor

2.            Leaving wet towels around the house

3.            Bad bathroom habits

4.            Always using phone

5.            Disagreeing about what film to watch

6.            Messy eating habits

7.            Deciding who is cooking

8.            Picking your nose

9.            Drunk sexting

10.          Looking at your ex’s Facebook page

First Published: Sunday, November 30, 2014 08:31 PM
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