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Women are more complex in nature than men: Shobhaa De

Kolkata, PTI | Updated : 01 August 2013, 07:49 PM

Women are more complex in nature than men, a characteristic which made them survive through the ages, Noted novelist Shobhaa De said on Thursday. 

"It is a mere survival mantra which has made women more complex than men", De said at an interaction with members of FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) here. 

According to her all women are 'fantastic actors'. "She fakes with her husband and fools her in-laws. So many roles she has to play without a script and a director. It is the survival mantra which women has learnt through the ages". 

"I can fathom a man in seven minutes, but to understand a woman it will take seven janams (lives) ... This is why women cannot be boring. Men are always boring." 

Referring to the modern society and the role played by the two sexes, she said, "Today is not the issue of men versus women. I think it is a case of men and women being together for leading a better integrated life. The family members should sense that equality. This is happening but the process is slow." 

De, who was speaking on 'Role of Women in a Changing World', praised the role played by them in the society. But the high stress of modern life is taking a toll on their lives. 

Women, she said, believe in multi-tasking for which they were sleep-deprived. They give least medical attention towards themselves, and prefer to postpone medical attention leading to heart attacks, strokes, early menopause and polycystic ovaries which are all stress-generated. 

"Today women are nervous. She has to be juggler, good lover, submissive and docile within the family circle. This is not desirable. This is the true position and we need to think of our roles." 

"At the same time, there are thousands of women who want to be good homemakers. We should respect that," she added.

First Published: Thursday, August 01, 2013 07:44 PM
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