Budget travel during monsoon: Cheapest countries to visit

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Cheapest countries to visit ( Photo: Twitter/ @dalmatiahr )
Cheapest countries to visit ( Photo: Twitter/ @dalmatiahr )

Traveling as an experience itself is a luxury not everyone can afford which is why these cheapest countries should be in the search of your ticket booking websites. From experiencing a whole new culture of food, tradition, music, monuments these are the top cheapest counties you can visit without having to empty your bank account.


One among the cheapest countries to visit for people wanting to explore the rustic side. The mountain resort of Da Lat in the central highlands are the perfect feast. Untouched and undeveloped Vietnam is a super cheap travel destination, as well as a beautiful country of lush mountain scapes and sweeping white sands. Other places to visit while in this beautiful country can be included Hanoi, the former headquarters of French Indochina. The place also retains some of the French’s food culture where you will find some great patisseries producing croissants. Have a pint of Vietnam’s most popular brew, Bia Hoi and stop over in one of the eccentric fairytale rooms of the Crazy House.


One of only two landlocked countries in South America Bolivia the other being Paraguay is a relatively remote hideaway. A country perfect for adventurers who seek beyond the usual. Wander along Calle Jaén, in Bolivia’s administrative capital, La Paz, to witness a history back in time of South American life under Spanish control . The street presents a picturesque view for monument lovers as the street is home to some of the city’s best preserved colonial buildings, whitewashed façades and ornate black-grilled balconettes. Be a part of the La Paz Revolution of 1809 led by Pedro Domingo Murillo who led the forces while the rest became history which the cluster of museums will tell. Bolivia is also another cheapest country where food and drinks easy as it goes, so you will never have to fear of going hungry.


The country’s ongoing economic difficulties ironically has proven to be a blessing for holiday goers. There is so much to explore than the much-visited pricey Santorini or Mykonos. Why not pick a less footed, quieter place like Paros or Skiathos and benefit the serenity and food for half the price. You can also give your trip to Greece a touch of the Arabian cuisine Settle. A day trip to the Sardonic Gulf island of Hydra, just one and a half hours by catamaran from Athens and relish some of the best souvlaki (kebabs) you’ll find anywhere else in the Aegean Sea. Then for dinner you can sail across to Kefalonia for a slab of traditional pie with an oozing filling of meats and gravy. Ferries run regularly between the islands, meaning you can schedule you visit to the many islands once you check the boards for the prices and schedules.


After watch PS I love You, Ireland sure must be ultimate country to visit. The small island country is nature at its finest. Lucky for you, flight prices to Ireland have tumbled over the past few years, meaning you can get to Dublin for less than you might think. Visiting the Chester Beatty Library is a must do if you are a fan of literature. This library holds a world famous, dazzling collection of rare books and manuscripts. Then by the evening you can give your lungs the breath of air it has been so desperately wanting by and talking a walk with the deer herd in Phoenix Park. This park is also the largest enclosed recreational space in any European capital so there’s plenty to explore. Then before dinner you can some budget friendly budget clothes to your wardrobe at the weekend Blackrock Market, Dublin’s oldest.


Another cheapest country so cheap you might rather feel guilty for paying so little. Cambodia is such a cheap place to go on holiday that you can feel guilty for paying so little. A country once feared to tread, Cambodia is now a paradise for backpackers and hikers. When visiting Cambodia the journey would be incomplete without including the famous Angkor Wat Temple. Named after the temple you can have a splash of the Cambodian Water at the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. And of course, how will the visit even be complete visiting Angkor Vat itself. This UNESCO World heritage Site preferably best visited at dawn just costs 28 Euro for the whole day. If temples are your thing Cambodia is a must visit.
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