Top five mysterious islands in the world for adventure lovers

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 31 August 2018, 07:11 PM
Top five mysterious islands in the world for adventure lovers (Photo: Twitter/@maytham956)
Top five mysterious islands in the world for adventure lovers (Photo: Twitter/@maytham956)

These five mysterious islands will sure wake the adventurous spirit in you. For adventure seekers, there are no mountain too high, forest too thick or water too deep. These five islands are so mysterious even science has yet to explain. There are still some patches of sand and sea that remain a mystery for various reasons. While some remain mysterious because of their geographical location, others remain a mystery because they hold a secret of government facilities which is quite intriguing. 
These are the five mysterious islands in the world shrouded with mysteries:

Socotra Island

Located off the coast of Yemen, Socotra island truly is one of its kind. An island with alien looking trees and plants Socotra Island has third of its plant life believed only to be found in the island itself. Such as the Dragons Blood tree and huge caves ready only for the brave to explore. The cause of this strange flora and fauna is believed to be cause by the arid conditions and extreme temperature. It is good to know that 70 per cent is protected under the law for future generations.

Floating Eye Island

Located close to Buenos Aires in Argentina, Floating Eye Island is in the shape of an almost perfect circle. A name derived from the appearance of the human eye-shape the island takes and a channel of water on one side. Believed to rotate on its own axis, Floating eye Island is truly one of the most mysterious islands. It was discovered by the film maker Sergio Neuspiller in 2016 of which he decided to make a film about.

Earthquake Island

In 2013 a massive earthquake happened in Pakistan which killed 39 people. Another incident that happened on that fateful day also as the formation of this Earthquake Island. This sudden appearance of the island makes it look like it suddenly sprouted from Earth’s core. Earthquake island was never present on the map before the earthquakes and scientists believe that the violent forces involved, created it. It measures 100 metres long by 9 metres high and hence remains one of the many mysterious islands.

Partridge Island

Partridge island is found off the coast of Saint John Harbour close to Canada. What makes this island filled with mystery is because the island was officially closed to the public since 1941. Hence, it has led to many speculations about what the island was used for and why it was closed. When it was open, the island was used to only quarantine immigrants wanting to come into Canada to avoid any infectious diseases like smallpox coming into the country. Serving as an island to quarantine immigrants island is believed to be used as a mass grave where the people who died there were buried.

Easter Island

The past holds many mysteries unexplained and Easter island is one of them. Many people will know this from the famous statues that are found on the island itself. However, the bigger question was what really happened to the native people of Rapa Nui thought to have crafted the statues around 1770. While some researchers think that they were mostly kidnapped by raiders to be sold as slaves the remaining few died of old age or disease. Their disappearance remains unknown. And the fact that the answer is unclear makes this island all the more mysterious.
First Published: Friday, August 31, 2018 02:54 PM
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