Man attacks woman McDonald’s employee, videos of her fighting back go viral

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 04 January 2019, 05:21 PM
A male customer was arrested for assaulting a McDonald's woman employee. Image: Facebook.
A male customer was arrested for assaulting a McDonald's woman employee. Image: Facebook.

A male customer was arrested on Wednesday for assaulting a McDonald's woman employee. The scuffle was recorded by one, Brenda Biandudi who had stopped at a McDonald's in St. Petersburg, Florida on Sunday afternoon. She told the Washington Post that the man who allegedly assaulted the food chain employee got triggered when he saw no plastic straws. Brenda records that the man got upset and began walking back to the counter to berate a cashier. The 55-second video which showcases the man suddenly clawing and pulling the cashier while the latter also landed the man with repeated punches to loosen his grip has gone viral.

In a spectator's video taken on New Year's Eve, customer Daniel Willis Taylor, 40, who is white, yelled at a black cashier named Yasmine James inside a St. Petersburg McDonald's, reaching across the counter and grabbing her by the collar. She fought back, punching him on the arm and pulling his shirt. While some voices in the backdrop can also be heard yelling, 'Stop it! Let her go.'.

After about 15 seconds, another McDonald's employee walks around the end of the counter and pulls the customer back until he lets go of the woman. Co-workers pulled them apart, and then someone who appears to be a manager calmly finished the attacker’s order. "And I want her a** fired right now," said the attacker. He is also recorded telling the manager, "You're going to give me a goddamn refund."

Watch the video of the attack here:

The video has garnered over millions of views after Biandudi's children posted it on Facebook and after it was shared by the Atlanta Black Star. According to reports, the attacker identified as Daniel Willis Taylor was later arrested by the police. The St. Petersburg Police Department who arrested the man said that while no weapons were found on him, he was under the influence of alcohol.

First Published: Thursday, January 03, 2019 04:19 PM
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