WATCH | This elephant in Tamil Nadu is a musician, can play the harmonica with its trunk

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 22 January 2019, 12:53 PM
This elephant in Tamil Nadu can play the harmonica with its trunk (Photo: Twitter)
This elephant in Tamil Nadu can play the harmonica with its trunk (Photo: Twitter)

We all know elephants are one of most intelligent animals there is. From their cognitive ability to altruistic tendencies, an elephant never ceases to amaze us and this particular elephant, Lakshmi from Coimbatore is another such example. Lakshmi, a temple elephant is winning the internet with her ability to play musical instruments. We are assuming Lakshmi must have been a musician in her previous life.

Videos of the gorgeous animal playing the mouth instrument with its truck have gone viral enthralling visitors to come and get a glimpse of the temple in Coimbatore where Lakshmi resides at the Temple Elephant Rejuvenation Camp.

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"My elephant's name is Lakshmi. She can play the mouth organ. It was very hard to train her to play the organ and she initially broke five instruments. Gradually she began to understand what I say and now my Lakshmi can play for 15 minutes without stopping in our temple," said Lakshmi's mahout of the Irattai Thiruppathy Temple, Tamil Nadu.

Watch the video of Lakshmi playing the harmonica here;

According to ANI, the camp is rejuvenation time for elephants from across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry which was initiated by the late Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa. The elephants are also given the best possible treatment and food for health improvement and also scanned for any ailment or infection.

First Published: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 12:53 PM
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