Twitter thinks Oscar winner Rami Malek is a serial killer ‘in hiding’ because of THIS video

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 04 March 2019, 12:31 PM
Twitter thinks Oscar winner Rami Malek is a serial killer (Photo: File Photo)
Twitter thinks Oscar winner Rami Malek is a serial killer (Photo: File Photo)

Is Rami Malek transitioning from Freddie Mercury to a serial killer? Twitter thinks so! An advertisement clip of the critically acclaimed actor where Malek can be seen talking about the hotel chain Mandarin Oriental for the video is ‘I am a fan' series, is creeping netzines out. The actor can be seen delivering a slow pace about the things he is generally fond of and the monologue is not sitting well for Twitterati, who thinks that Rami as a 'serial killer' in the hiding. As soon as the video surfaced of the internet, fans are conjuring up theories that he may be a conniving killer such as the charming yet vicious serial killer Ted Bundy or Patrick Bateman from the movie Psycho wondering what Malek is hiding under his basement.

After Christin Bailey, who likened the video to a murderer's confession with this comment, "Wow this blew up. I don’t have anything to plug, but gentle reminder that If you’ve committed three or more killings over a period of months or years and are one of the ~50 active serial killers who remains at large in the United States please turn yourself over to the FBI’’ chains of comments have poured in nodding their approval.

One user wrote, ‘’He's got a very Patrick Bateman "there are dead bodies arranged around my dining room table cuz my parents never loved me" vibe’’ while another wrote, ’Here are three totally innocuous words that, when spoken together, become inexplicably alarming: "Rami Malek's basement".

Check out the video here: 

But hey, lest they forget Malek is likely to play the villain in Bond 25 and is hence warming up for his role? because we shouldn’t forget that he just won the Oscar for the Best actor in Bohemian Rhapsody.

First Published: Monday, March 04, 2019 11:46 AM
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