YouTube Rewind 2018’ dethrones Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’, become most disliked video on YouTube

New Delhi, News Nation Bureau | Updated : 13 December 2018, 05:02 PM
YouTube Rewind 2018 now most disliked video on YouTube (Photo: Twitter)
YouTube Rewind 2018 now most disliked video on YouTube (Photo: Twitter)

Justin Bieber take a sigh of relief because YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind is now the most disliked video on YouTube. The YouTube's latest Rewind video, the annual recap that has a collection of "the videos, music and trends that defined YouTube in 2018," has become the most disliked video ever in the website's history. With over 9.8 million likes, the video has contrastingly just over 2.1 million likes.  

For eight years, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber's hit track, Baby, had been in the disliked video reign until YouTube Rewind 2018. The video which surprisingly is to reflect on the year's biggest YouTube moments garnered the most dislikes in over just six days. Not a very big moment, we are guessing!

Many of the criticism about the dislike come about from the fact that YouTube’s biggest stars don’t feature a mention. PewDiePie, who reigns as the King of YouTube with the highest number of subscribers didn’t feature in the video nor did other successful YouTubers like Shane Dawson, Logan Paul, Jacksepticeye, Smosh, Jacksfilms, Vsauce and other major chunks of known YouTubers. One of the most prominent YouTube battle featuring PewDiePie and T-series was also let go off the hook causing viewers to question the video and its intent. 

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One viewer posted, “How can you be so out of touch with your audience?” one viewer posted in the comments section. Another said: “If there’s one thing that will bring people together, it’s hating this video”.

With so much anger around the video, some creative heads even took the effort to make alternate versions of YouTube Rewind and how it should have been. And viewers are totally enjoying the alternate version better! 

First Published: Thursday, December 13, 2018 04:48 PM
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