BEWARE! Aliens could destroy life from Earth without even visiting it!

14 February 2018, 07:24 PM
Can aliens destroy Earth with AI messages? Studies warn! (Source: NASA)
Can aliens destroy Earth with AI messages? Studies warn! (Source: NASA)

A joint study by two researchers at the University of Hawaii and Sonneberg Observatory in Germany has revealed that aliens are able to wipe out the life from Earth with just AI messages, and do not even need to visit us.

According to the researchers, the aliens will not be sending any flying saucers to destroy the life. They will be simple sending messages through Artificial Intelligence to wipe out the human life.

If humans get message or mail which cannot be decoded, from the aliens, they should delete the communication without reading it as the mail may result in the destruction of the planet. Responding or replying to the messages could prove costly as it might alert the extra-terrestrial beings, said the researchers.

The Academic paper, which is titled “Interstellar Communication. IX. Message decontamination is impossible’, discusses a possible alien invasion. The research was carried out by Michael Hippke of Sonneberg Observatory, and John G. Learned from the University of Hawaii.

According to the scientists, the messages will be impossible to decode, and thus, there is no reason to open any such mail or message. They also warn that these emails or messages might contain malware or virus which could be so strong that it can destroy the technologies which exist on the planet.

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The researchers wrote in their academic paper, “A complex message from space may require the use of computers to display, analyze and understand. Such a message cannot be decontaminated with certainty, and technical risks remain which can pose an existential threat. Complex messages would need to be destroyed in the risk-averse case.”

With the paper going viral, several theorists claim that Artificial Intelligence can be a possible way in which the aliens can cause the end of our planet.

First Published: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 07:18 PM
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